What Are The Latest Gym Fashion Trends?

The global market of gym & sports clothing is expected to hit US$231.7 billion by the year 2024.

Activewear is now becoming a center of attention in the fashion industry. Do you get the sensation of confidence in a new trendy outfit? It motivates you to achieve goals and be more energetic. This feel plays a great role when it comes to your gym routine. Your workout attire helps you in staying more active.

Your new gym outfit should call pick-me-up and hit the gym. The fitness industry also runs on fashion trends. Those trendy workout outfits not only jazz up your fitness routine but improve how you look in the gym.

All these fitness fashions & accessories have now become a new must-have. Here are 2021 gym fashion trends for both men and women.

1) Male leggings

Back in time, you would rarely see a man in leggings, but now it is becoming a trend not just in but out of the gym too. In this modern age of blending gender norms, men have started saying yes to the clothing that used to be an exclusive female fashion item.

Back in 2010, there was an uproar when women started going for leggings than trousers. Now is the time when men are actually buying leggings rather than jeans. They are so comfortable and can be worn easily under workout shorts for a trendy look.

2) Pullovers with Pockets

Weather is chilled in many parts of the world even good cardio exercises will not take the chill away. A pullover is what you should have in those conditions!  Pullover with pockets is exactly just what you should get for staying warm & functional when the temperature is freezing. New fashion trends have now incorporated comfort too. Most of the pullovers come with a lot of pockets & high-tech features. They let you carry mobile phones, cards & keys while working out. Arm pockets have also gained popularity in the fitness industry, it lets you carry music players in easy reach.

3) Long Sleeves Crop Top

It’s finally the time of tossing your gym tees while hitting your gym. Crop tops with long-sleeves are a trendy alternative to a sports bra. It offers more coverage in a really stylish way. A lot of them come with thumbholes that give you a sportier look.

4) Lose Fitted yoga Top

Working out in an unfitted yoga top is not new, but you can add style to it by wearing a colorful sports bra or a crop top under it. It will give you an effortless look that you can carry from the gym or your yoga studio to lunch with friends.

Yoga tops have now started getting their identity, & there is more choice in the market than ever. It can be easily pulled off by anyone. One doesn’t need a beach body for feeling comfortable.

5) High-Waist Leggings

Women wearing fitness leggings are in trend for a long time, high waist leggings will stay in the fashion industry because of the way they cinch the waist, skim over the lower abdomen while holding everything in their place, that gives you a smart and wonderful stylish look. For a more stylish look, you can pair them with a sports bra or crop top and skip wearing a T-shirt at all.

They are less likely to fall down & be annoying. High waist leggings have opened limitless fashion possibilities in activewear. They can be styled in uncountable ways.

6) Ultra-Short Shorts

Ultra-shorts with a high waist, are traditionally worn by runners’ dancers but now these smart shorts are coming in with a full-blow, in the fitness industry. They make your workout breathable and minus the fuss of clothes rubbing on your legs. Ultra-short shorts are perfect for yoga, workout, dancing, jogging, fitness, aerobics, or other exercises.

7) Gym wear with a Boyfriend Hoodie

Layering up a timeless fashion trend that has been in for a long time. It has now started extending the fitness industry. Layering up an unfitted boyfriend hoodie over your gym clothing is a low-key trendy look that you can carry anywhere from the gym to some social setting. It is so easy and comfortable to throw a hoodie over your tight gym clothing.

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