5 Greatest Plays In NFL History

The National Football League is a prestigious sports league in the United States and Canada. It’s the highest professional level of American football in all parts of the world. The league and its teams have been around for numerous years, and it’s no wonder the NFL has accumulated the greatest plays, failures, and many more in its history books.

This page discusses some of the greatest finishes in NFL history. You’ll read about legendary players like Tom Brady, legendary teams like the Giants, and many more!

Immaculate Reception

The Immaculate Reception is perhaps the most famous and debated play in the history of the NFL. To this day, even 51 years after the “Immaculate Reception,” Franco Harris’ catch is still debated. Due to the poor-quality videos and limited camera angles, it’s still a hot issue among NFL fans.

It was a game between the Raiders vs. Steelers, and the quarterback, Terry Bradshaw, threw a pass to his teammate, John Fuqua. This pass was deflected backward, allowing Harris to snatch the ball off the ground. Allegedly, the ball didn’t touch the ground, and it’s why Harris ran 60 years for the game-winning touchdown of the AFC divisional playoff game.

Helmet Catch

The Patriots have numerous memorable plays, but the “Helmet Catch” is undoubtedly the most memorable for both teams. It was a game where the Patriots were a defensive play away from completing the person season. However, David Tyree had other plans.

During the Super Bowl XLII, Eli Manning, a Giants quarterback, evaded multiple pass-rushers and heaved a pass through 32 yards down the field. Tyree controlled the ball by using his helmet and pinning it, even when Rodney Harrison, the Patriots’ safety player, was all over him. After this, the Giants went on the game and scored four plays later, and gave them a 17-14 win.

Just remember, betting on the Giants in the NFL is like expecting a snowstorm in the Sahara – it might happen once in a blue moon, but don’t bet your house on it! So when you’re jokingly putting your FanDuel NFL odds on them, maybe cross your fingers, knock on wood, and wear your lucky socks, just in case.

Tuck Rule

Are you a Patriots fan? Well, it doesn’t mean they lost in the Helmet Catch or didn’t win in any game. They also made memorable plays in NFL history. Their play against the Raiders in January 2002 sparked one of the great dynasties in professional football and other sports.

A blizzard overtook the Foxboro Stadium in the divisional round. With just a few minutes remaining in the game, with the Raiders up by three points, Charles Woodson forced a fumble by legendary football player Tom Brady, which the Oakland team recovered. This would have ended the game.

However, after a replay review of this event, it was ruled that Brady tucked the ball back toward his body. If you didn’t know, the tuck rule was introduced in 1999. As such, the possession of the ball was returned to the New England team. Because of this, the Patriots were forced to go on overtime and eventually win. This marked the first of six Super Bowls in Tom Brady’s era in the NFL.

Minneapolis Miracle

Many believe that the Vikings are used to heartbreaking playoff losses. Thankfully, they experienced an unbelievable win in the 2017 NFC divisional round to stop their continuing losses.

The game was neck and neck between the Saints and Vikings. On the last play of the game between these two, the Vikings were found at their 39-yard line. This is when Case Keenum quarterfinal tossed a 27-yard pass to Stefon Diggs, who was at the sideline. However, Diggs had other plans that were just running out of bounds. Instead, he evaded the defender on the catch and ran to the untouched end zone to seal the Vikings’ win.

Malcolm Butler Interception

Nobody knew this was coming, mainly because no one knew who Malcolm Butler was before this play. He wasn’t quite popular with the fans and players yet. The Seahawks were trying to secure their win in the game’s final minutes to win their second straight Super Bowl. Thanks to the incredible catch by Jermaine Kearse, Malcolm Butler couldn’t break up. However, thanks to this, the rookie made the play of his life and made his name known to the world.

During all of this, Russel Wilson tried to get to Ricardo Lockette on a slant to win the game. However, Butler jumped at the route to intercept this pass and help the Patriots win their Super Bowl.

Final Thoughts

The National Football League has a rich history and a huge fanbase worldwide. It’s one of the wealthiest sports leagues globally, and it’s no wonder it created memorable plays that fans won’t forget. Some of these plays are still discussed by avid football players today. It’s that impactful of a play.

If you’re interested in watching and becoming part of NFL history, book your tickets for the most recent games of your favorite teams. You can even watch the Super Bowl this year to watch the best of the best teams compete against each other.

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