Why Do Girls Like Bad Boys? The Real Truth

You like a girl but she’s always attracted to bad boys. What is it about these guys? They’re jerks, they’re showoffs, and they’re taking away all the girls. Calm down, don’t worry. Right now I’m going to give you three reasons why girls like bad boys and what you can do to start flipping their attraction over to you immediately.

One thing I’d like to clarify here is that the difference between a bad boy and a jerk is that a jerk only cares about himself. He’ll do whatever he wants, whenever he wants regardless of who it’ll affect and you do not want to be that guy.

Yes, bad boys are capable of grabbing the attention of girls, but it’s usually girls with this uncanny need to want to fix guys that are broken and those relationships usually end up in disaster. There’s lying, and cheating and jealousy, and that is a whole lot of stuff you don’t want to get involved with. But, here’s something you do want to get involved with.

Reason #1 Bad boys are more outspoken.

Bad boys tend to share their thoughts and their feelings without the fear that people won’t accept it. When it comes to talking to girls, they have no problem telling the girl that they think she looks cute because that’s how they feel. And in most cases, girls really appreciate that kind of honesty.

It’s a huge step up from the guys who spend a lot of time tiptoeing around the conversation of asking the girl out. So what you can do immediately is start acting at the moment. If you spot your crush, just go up to her and talk to her like a bad boy would.

Bad boy flirting with girl

#2 Bad boys know how to lead the way without having to rely on someone else’s approval.

Girls want a guy who will make them feel safe and protected, so by being a leader, you demonstrate that you know what the hell is going on all the time. You’re not constantly asking the question, hey, is what I said and did is it ok? You’re out there making decisions for your friends, you’re out there picking the places you want to go on dates with your crush.

Being the leader also means to know when to let someone else have the spotlight and to put the glory and praise on them for once. That may mean taking a step back once in a while and letting the girl make decisions as well.

#3 Bad boys are spontaneous and never calculated in how they behave.

Most days function on routine, you wake up, you take care of your daytime stuff whether it’s work or school, you come home, you eat dinner and you go to sleep. Bad boys break that mold by being unpredictable, they walk right up to their crush and ask them out, they detour from their date to the park to go to the movies and they just go for the kiss, there’s no build-up, no story, no explanation, they just go for it.

A lot of guys spend so much energy and time trying to set everything up to a tee so that it all goes smoothly, which in
turn can be kind of boring to most girls. Where is the excitement in that? For example, if you’re planning on telling your crush all the reasons why you like her before you kiss her, then don’t expect her to be around or excited when you go for it.

Sometimes you just got to act on it or else the window in front of you will close. And the last thing you want is for her to be the girl that got away.

What do you think, do you have what it takes to fit the bill of a bad boy?

One advantage over all those bad boys that she likes, you are humble. And because you are humble it’ll be a lot easier to get over stubbornness, learn and adopt these new principles so that you can not only impress her but impress yourself as well.

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