From Maple Syrup To Moose: Why Canada Is A Bucket-List Destination For So Many People

Canada is one of the wealthiest and most famous countries in the world. The people who live there enjoy some of the best healthcare and the highest life expectancies. 

But what makes Canada so special as a bucket list destination? That’s the topic we broach in this post. We explore why people want to spend weeks or months in the land of maple syrup and moose. Here’s everything you need to know. 

The Natural Wonders

Canada is home to some of the world’s best natural wonders, from Niagara Falls to Algonquin National Park. The most famous scenes are found in the Canadian Rockies in the northwest of the country. Canada is home to stunning autumn foliage in this area, with trees shedding their leaves in a multi-colored tapestry for as far as the eye can see. 

But it’s more than that. Canada is also home to incredible animals, including elk, puffins, beluga whales, and polar bears. Here, you can see these animals in their natural habitat, not in a zoo. 

The Outdoor Adventures

A man hiking in Canada

You can also take part in numerous outdoor adventures in Canada that aren’t always available in a single country. People who visit the region often indulge in skiing down snow-capped mountains and kayaking through glaciers in Banff and the far north of the country. 

What’s more, after a long day of activities, you can bask under the stars. Most of Canada has clear skies because so few people live there. 

The Safety And Security

The U.S. is a relatively safe country compared to, say, Iran. However, it is not as safe as Canada, which is a global leader in the safety index. The country offers a relaxing and pleasant environment for people to enjoy themselves without the same risk of violence. 

In many ways, Canada feels more European than many other locations in North America. Citizens enjoy a spectacular quality of life which will feel familiar to anyone travelling from a Western country. 

The World-Class Cities

Canada Toronto

Related to this is the country’s world-class cities. Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver can trade punches with the best of them, offering stunning urban landscapes to explore and enjoy. 

The Exploration

Despite its megacities, Canada is a predominantly rural country. And that fact makes it a prime location for anyone who loves to explore. The best Canada road trips usually start in the west of the country and then make their way east to the more populated areas. Along the way, you can stop off to snap pictures of wildlife or camp in the wilderness. 

If you are planning on going off the beaten track, take an RV with you. Ensure you have the facilities and means to look after yourself if there isn’t a hotel nearby. 

The Northern Lights

Finally, many people go to Canada for the northern lights. Granted, you have to go quite far north to see them at most times of the year, but they can be stunning, similar to what you might encounter in the north of Sweden or Iceland. 

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