How To Foreplay: The Proper Ultimate Foreplay Guide

So you took her out on a date and now you’re back at your place, good job.

Now all you need to do is put on that condom and have some sex.

But you don’t know how to foreplay?

Guys have been fucking up foreplay since the beginning of time, they’re just way too eager to score.

Unlike you who only needs a second and you’re good to go, girls need a little bit of time to get warmed up. They like to enjoy the roller-coaster of the ride before they reach that happy ending.

Most girls won’t even reach that happy ending without the proper amount of foreplay.

lip biting how to foreplay

This may not be any guy’s favorite part of the interaction but she really likes it. So you better go along with it.

This is the part where things are really heating up for her.

A little gentle lip biting will go far to arose but not too hard during this time.

Your hands need to be occupied. Use this opportunity to trace around her body and feel the terrain.

Teasing is the best way to get a girl aroused you want to act like you’re going straight for the goods and then move your hand away don’t be predictable.

how to foreplay boobs

You want to move your hands over her boobs and gently cup them. In this case, the nipple is the main goal.

So you’re going to be teasing them. Trace around them and get closer and closer.

Remember girls are sensitive to touch especially when aroused.

Where some exciting pinching can be arousing you don’t want to be too strong. When in doubt stay gentle.

Now that you’ve done with the upper region you’re gonna move your hand down her chest and along her stomach towards the “vagina”.


Remember don’t go straight for the gold. Stay around that area and do a little exploring. Something like scratching and teasing goes a long way to get her excited.

Once you go down there are three major parts you need to focus on before having sex. Stroking the lips playing with the clitoris and penetrating the vagina.

While stroking the lips with your finger be sure to make your visit to this region slow and gentle before going to the clitoris.

Touch the clitoris in several ways. You can do up and down motions left and right or circles.

Change it up a bit and don’t do the same thing the whole way through.

Sex toys can be helpful as well.

vagina how to foreplay

Now comes the fingering.

Some girls will be tighter than others. So start with one finger and start slow. You don’t want to rush anything.

Make sure she’s wet enough before putting in your second finger but you don’t want to put too many fingers in there.

Once inside you want to do the popular come here technique.

You want to pay attention to her breathing and if you feel the walls closing in on your fingers don’t panic.

This is a good sign. She’s getting closer and closer to an orgasm.

With these tips, you can be the king of foreplay. Now all you have to do is not fuck up the having sex part.

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