Flirting Tips: A Comprehensive Guide On How To Flirt Like Pro

Flirt; have no fear. Nowadays flirting is quite easy as compared to the past. The immense growth in technology has put devasting change in today’s generation. Some people do flirting naturally and others feel like their best attempts are still a clunky mess. In this era, everyone loves a compliment. The keyword to flirt is a compliment.

Here I am going to discuss my story before I found the love of my life.

So, it was a beautiful day when it all started. We both were normal friends. We used to play together, went on long drives, and had some whiskey shots with him. He is more confident about me. We both were fitness freaks and we used to praise each other a lot and I got the best compliments from him every time. When we met I got fluttery every time I saw him because I had an attraction to him.

I got excited when he texted me or called me. Our conversations just started with silly questions about the study. sounds crazy ??

But yeah ! that was the moment where it all started.

I always found ways to talk to him and make him feel special. I was a shy person. I called him by beautiful nicknames and sometimes touching him realized me that I started flirting with him.

The very first day I touched his right arm and hold it for a few milliseconds, that was the day I started flirting with him. He has ocean eyes along with a pretty smile that made me more attracted to him.

I know he already started flirting through his body language. Every time he praised my thighs and my body. I got to know the signs and he was very confident.

On the contrary, it all started with confidence, compliments, and mainly the most important thing is trust.

Here’re some of the Best flirting tips:

1) Be confident:

The very first thing is you need to be very confident and you have to gain the trust of your partner because I personally believe that it helps a lot. This is the key to make your partner feel comfortable. Confidence is the key to attracts your partner. Even if you don’t feel comfortable, act like it because it really helps a lot.

2) Show that you are interested:

You always need to be expressive in every way. While listening to your partner you need to maintain eye contact with a beautiful smile. For that time, you need to ignore the world and you don’t need to check your phone usually as it seems to be a bad impression.

3) Be respectful:

Your partner might easily feel objectified and worse because of the boundaries he or she has. So, you need to be very respectful. Not being creepy goes a lot further than you might think. Show respect and value their time.

4) Have fewer expectations:

You have to expect less from your partner. I know it is the hardest part. You only need to focus on the things that are in your control. Moreover, the less you think about it, the better you get.

5) Buy them good things:

According to the weather, you can buy some chocolates or any drink that your partner may like. It helps a lot to know the tastes of your partner. With that thing, you are coming off as a thoughtful person who simply cares about their partner.

6) Repeat and practice:

You need to practice and repeat things. This makes your partner more comfortable and trustworthy. You only need to focus on your partner and listen to them carefully.

7) Don’t do all of the talking:

If you get nervous easily, you simply need to take control of yourself. If a man or woman gets nervous they can’t stop talking and usually forgets to listen to your partner. So, maintaining control over you is compulsory and you have to be sure to share your floor.

8) Use your surroundings:

If your virtual meetings don’t work you need to use dating apps and often start doing video calls and texting. The person you are talking to virtually will likely get a glimpse of your home or surroundings near you. Use that to your advantage.

9) Send an accidental text:

Sending a sudden text to your loved ones can also lead to flirting. If you got a chance to know their number consider it as a precious gift and send them an accidental text. It seems innocent but it’s good to flirt.

10) Tell them about your dreams:

If you get easily comfortable with your partner you need to tell them about a dream you had with them. If you start sharing your feeling with your loved ones by doing the flirting, it is considered bliss.

11) Be silly and weird:

If you get to know that your flirt goes well then you need to make a strong bond with your loved one because nowadays people get bored so easily and you need to be silly and weird.

12) Make them laugh:

A healthy relationship is the want of everyone. By flirting you make your partner laugh. Tell them silly jokes and good, happy, and romantic stories. Stay close to them with a good smile on your face.

13) Tease them:

Tease your partner beautifully as the conversation goes longer. You’ll get more opportunities, you’ll have to be playful and it is a great way to show that you’re not afraid to be playful.

14) Don’t use sex:

You don’t need to use sex for flirting because your partner may not feel comfortable in the beginning. Simply make eye contact and some stumbling skin touching rather than using sex and be simple be you while flirting.

15) Pay attention to the cues:

Don’t forget that your partner has life except you. So, pay attention to the things a person does outside of your communication and read the signs.

So, here are some flirting tips that might help you. Flirting is highly customizable. In the end, I would like to jot down that no matter how you flirt, always remember that the end goal is to find someone that’s right for you.

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