Fashion Faux Pas: 7 Common Mistakes Men Should Avoid While Wearing Skinny Jeans

Fashion faux pas is considered to be a blunder when it comes to dressing. It can sometimes be hilarious but mostly embarrassing, awkward, and just frustrating. Not just for women, men have their own fair share of fashion blunders in which they are being judged by what they wear or how they look.

Men’s fashion has gone through many changes over the years. And there were times when pants got skinnier and tighter than ever before. With all the big and tall pants available you should know some common mistakes.

The skinny jeans came into existence somewhere in 2008. The super tight-fit pants completely replaced the baggy styles that were also common during that period of time (no wonder why most people didn’t really like them). Although supermodels like David Beckham might make them look good, skinny jeans are widely considered to be a fashion faux pas.

7 Common Mistakes Men Should Avoid While Wearing Skinny Jeans

Because of the way that it fits, men are often tempted to put their entire lives into their pockets. Don’t do it! It will make your whole look messy and unorganized, which is not attractive at all.

These 7 common mistakes men should avoid while wearing skinny jeans might help you look better this summer:

1. Not Tucking in Your Shirt Underneath Your Skinny Jeans

This outfit could end up looking like pajamas if you don’t tuck your shirt underneath your pants, or belt it loosely (if you’re wearing one). Make sure to tuck the tails of your shirt inside the waistband. If they’re too long for skinny jeans, try shortening them because nobody wants to see your underwear or butt crack.

A guy wearing jeans

2. Not Tucking Your Skinny Jeans into Your Shoes

This is another example of a fashion faux pas that you should avoid wearing skinny jeans: not tucking your skinny jeans into your shoes and leaving the top parts dangling over your shoes.

Don’t forget to tuck those skinny jeans all the way in because it will make you look taller and slimmer, which are both good things! In addition, leaving the top part hanging over your shoes will make them lose their shape as well as make them dirty from rubbing against other surfaces.

3. Matching Colors Incorrectly

You might think matching colors is pretty simple – pick two primary colors and there’s no going wrong. Well, think again because this could actually ruin the whole look. When you’re wearing black skinny jeans, choose a lighter color to wear with them. If your top is blue, try matching it with another shade of blue or colors that are in the same family (like purple and red).

4. Matching Colors Too Much

While you don’t want to go wrong with matching colors, there’s such a thing as going too far. You might think that wearing mostly neutral colors like white, gray, and navy will never go out of style but that could actually dishonor your outfit if you wear all three at once – especially when they almost completely match each other.

On the contrary, wearing two contrasting colors among the three – for example white and navy or gray and white – could make your look a little more fashionable.

5. Forgetting to Break up Your Outfit

This is another mistake men often do while wearing skinny jeans: forgetting to break up their outfits with different textures. Skinny jeans are a great addition to the wardrobe but remember that you need to wear something else on top of them and be sure not to go overboard! Matching too many things together will make everything look like it came out of the same package, which definitely will age you!

6. Wearing Sneakers or Boots with Nothing Else On Top

You might think having shoes on is enough but it’s necessary for you to include at least one other layer like a jacket or shirt. Otherwise, your entire outfit will consist of nothing but pants and shoes! Remember what we said about matching colors? This is exactly why you should not forget to put a layer that breaks up the outfit, which makes it look more stylish.

7. Matching Colors Incorrectly for Shirts and Sweaters

It could be confusing when you’re trying to put together shirts and sweaters because all kinds of colors are available.

You can always match colors by going with similar hues or shades but if you want a little bit of contrast, try wearing a shirt with a different kind of color instead. For example: Instead of wearing a white shirt with gray skinny jeans, wear an army green shirt underneath your navy blue sweater!

If you remember these 7 common mistakes you should avoid while wearing skinny jeans when you go shopping, you’ll never make a fashion faux pas again because these mistakes are not only simple to correct but they actually give out the wrong impression.

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