How To Stop Excessive Armpit Sweating

Having sweat stains on your clothes can be embarrassing unless of course, it happens in certain situations like at a gym during exercising, or while doing manual labour.

Sweaty underarms can be a problem outside of those contexts.

Sometimes stress or nervousness can trigger the sweat glands and it is during such times when we least need the added worry of getting sweat stains.

For instance, while giving a presentation to clients, going out on a date, performing on stage or giving a speech are situations when we need to make a good impression and sweaty pits don’t help at all.

So here are a few tips to stop excessive armpit sweating.

1. Your diet affects your tendency to sweat

Diet affects how much you sweat and it also affects the odours your body emits.

Some foods like cauliflower, cabbage or broccoli contain sulfur or spices like garlic, hot pepper and other spices plus those with caffeine make most people sweat more.

Not only do they induce sweating but they cause strong odours too.

Protein and meat along with the slow metabolism allow a buildup of toxins in the body which sometimes activate the sweat glands and cause body odour.

This is why detoxification and colon cleansing can help reduce the problem of excessive sweating and body odour.

Stop armpit sweat

2. Use Antiperspirant

There is a lot you can do to stop sweating before it occurs.

One obvious method, of course, is using antiperspirant.

There is antiperspirant of various strains and effectiveness depending on the body and body chemistry of the person using it.

So if one brand doesn’t work for you try other brands.

Every individual’s body lifestyle and chemistry responds differently to the components of the antiperspirant and chances are that you will eventually find one that suits you.

Moreover, there is clinical strength antiperspirant that is stronger than other ones.

Other than that you can apply baby powder or talc, baking soda, alum powder or even plain flour to the underarm area prior to applying the antiperspirant.

The powder will absorb sweat and odours and be a good complement to the antiperspirant.

Some people find success with lemon or lime juice, essential oils, astringent or rubbing alcohol but their effects are temporary and they have to be reapplied repeatedly.

3. Wear loose cool clothes

Aside from the tips, I have given you can also adjust some external factors to avoid excess sweating.

Wearing loose cool clothes cotton and linen fabrics will allow the skin to breathe and thus sweat fewer fabrics that have wicking properties are advisable.

They are high-tech fabrics that are manufactured to pull the moisture from the body thus keeping the skin dry and free of moisture.

Loose clothes allow more ventilation for the body and lets air circulate freer so that sweat evaporates easily.

Tight. clothes especially those that cling to you like a second skin will immediately absorb any moisture from the skin and this becomes immediately apparent as sweat circles.

Sweat can accumulate pretty quickly under the arms resulting in unsightly marks.

The tips I have given are some of the simpler easier methods to stop sweating. You can do any of this with minimum fuss and expense anytime.

There are other more extreme measures to treat excess sweating. If the problem is not treatable by closely following these given tips then maybe it’s time to see a doctor.

It could be a symptom of other health problems. You can also opt for Botox treatments and have the sweat glands injected with Botox which sort of numbs them and keeps them from producing sweat.

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