Every Desi Gym Ever

Well desi gyms are desi gyms. These gyms are available few blocks from your house and are usually very affordable. But affordability comes with a price.

Here are some of the desiest things you can relate to if you every worked out in these type of gyms.


1. The Ritual (Handhake)

It’s important to shake hand with everyone before you start your warm up.


2. Music

You are all pumped up to kill your chest workout, Motivated you enter the gym. What happens. Sh*t.

Kabhi jo badal barse. These are the type of songs which are played in some desi gyms. LOL

What was going to be the best workout of your life is now wasted. All you can do is remember your EX to try to get an extra rep.

3. No Warm Up

Warm up – woh kya hota hai bhai

Seriously Dude, I have seen people who enter the gym and directly target that bench press.


4. Desi Trainers

Everyone wants their trainer to be fit. You can find extremely unfit trainers (some exceptions). listen to their advice and i can guarantee you will surely have a bloated face and stomach.


5. No Air Conditioning

Desi gyms do have air Conditioning, Have you ever seen them turned on :P. They are just to attract the customers ke dekh bhai hai mere gym mei ac.


6. Gym Owner

He will make sure that you buy every fancy supplement he has in stock.





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