5 Essential Home Security Tips

How secure is your home? Do you have a security system, some security lighting, or gravel on the driveways outside?

If not, these are some things you can think about to protect your property. If you want some additional personal protection, think about a baton or a taser.

Security System

To protect your home effectively, you need a home security system; this is an integrated alarm system that can be controlled from a smartphone from anywhere. Some security systems are also linked to emergency services for a faster response when your home is compromised.

Security systems are available at a variety of price points, so there is no excuse not to fit one if you have a mortgage on a property. Depending on the system you buy, you might also benefit from security cameras, security lighting, and intelligent technology; decide on the features you need.

Doors and Windows

Home Security setup

Naturally, the doors and windows are weak points in the home, and they are the first place that burglar targets. It’s easy for a burglar to break a window and gain access to a property using the interior latch, but if you have double-glazing or an alarm system, you are much more secure.

Double and triple-glazed windows are harder to break through; they also cause more commotion in the local areas alerting people to the event. Similarly, you need strong doors at the front and back; for the best security, try to avoid doors that have windows in them.

Personal Protection

Sometimes a break-in happens when someone is in the home, putting them at risk of harm. At times like this, it’s not enough to have a home security system; while the police might be alerted and on their way, you still have an intruder on the property you must defend against.

Batons and tasers are useful in these situations. If you have an intruder, you should go to a place in your home where you store the self-defense equipment and contact the police by phone. Do some people wonder are tasers legal? The answer is yes, but it depends on your state.

Best Practices

Make sure you follow the best practices in your home to reduce the chances of a break-in at any time of the year. To make your home safer, avoid publishing your whereabouts on social media until you return from holiday, traveling, or work. You can also put down some gravel outside.

If you’ve ever wondered why so many homes have gravel driveways instead of more convenient paved ones, try walking on them. A gravel path makes so much noise that it alerts homeowners and neighbors to the presence of an intruder. Neighborhood watch systems are also useful.

Security Lighting

Some security systems have integrated lighting that senses motion in the outside area and triggers the alarm system. If your security system doesn’t have the lighting, you can install it separately, this lighting is good for security, but it’s also good for navigating the driveway.

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