Efficient Design For Tiny Home Rentals

One of the latest real estate trends is a fascination with tiny houses. Many Americans are now growing a keen interest in living in smaller spaces for numerous reasons, including their affordability, energy efficiency, and ease of maintenance. Some tiny rentals even allow their occupants the freedom of movement with the option of mobility, so you can literally take your home with you on a trip.

However, one of the downsides of these minimalist homes is that they have inherently small spaces. That leaves landlords and their real estate agents with the task of cramming all the essentials into these compact spaces.

Read till the end of this article to discover great ideas for an efficient design for tiny home rentals.

Utilize your vertical spaces

When you have a tiny space, you have to make the most of what you already have. In most houses, the majority of the wall is significantly bare, but in tiny rentals, these are valuable square inches.

Get a loft bed

Tiny Home Rental

Beds are often the largest piece of furniture in a bedroom and take up a ton of space. But if you were to elevate it, you could convert all that space under it into a closet or a workstation. If you’re unsure how to fill a vacancy with a loft bed, get professional advice from a property manager. Additionally, if you opt to install a ladder instead of traditional stairs, you can save more valuable space. However, if you’re worried about the safety of ladders, spiral stairs are a stylish alternative.

Embrace innovative shelving solutions

Making the most of your vertical spaces means embracing unique shelving solutions. You can opt for a bold slat wall design. This option involves fastening removable slats to the walls, which tenants can freely rearrange at will. Alternatively, you could also look into modular designs. These are compartmentalized shelves that you can quickly secure to a wall. Some of them are customizable, so tenants can make the pockets bigger or smaller as they see fit.

Get creative with your storage

Even the most extreme minimalist still has personal belongings they need to store. So to avoid cluttering your already limited space, you need to get inventive with how you keep your things.

Staircase storage

Staircase storage

Transforming your stairs into drawers is one of the most common storage solutions for tiny home rentals. After all, what’s the point of wasting all that hollow space? Convert your rental staircase into ceiling-to-floor storage areas for your books, clothes, and other items.

If your rental is a bungalow, you can still make the most of the ledges around your house. This option is more viable if you live in a home with various levels. You can make a container as large as two square feet between a foot high ledge and a two-foot sidetrack. However, if you plan on implementing this design, you need to line the bottom with something that reduces friction, such as felt. Some innovative individuals even make the surface of these drawers cushions, which can double as chairs when you have visitors.

Overhead storage

Another space you can effectively transform into storage is your ceiling. If you have a spacious cavity in your roof, you can install drop-down cabinets to maximize your storehouse. However, you have to ensure this design follows appropriate building code standards. After all, the last thing you want is anyone suing you for falling drawers.

Asides from the bedroom, overhead storages work well in other rooms. For example, in the kitchen, your tenants could use it to store their condiments, cereal, and so on. It also works well in the living room, where you can easily access a TV or Playstation. Then when they’re not in use, tenants can easily stash them away.

Bed storage

If you’re looking to use every square inch of your rental, don’t forget to look under the bed. Capitalize on the expansive space under your bed by installing a rack underneath it, which you can roll open and shut when necessary.

Value the empty space

With tiny rentals, there’s the tendency to want to cram a piece of furniture or more storage into every corner. While that can be efficient, like in the innovative ideas we’ve already outlined, there’s such a thing as going overboard. If you have a space, you don’t necessarily have to transform it into something functional. You can let it be and allow your tenants to utilize the area as they see fit. Besides, it would be helpful to have a corner devoid of clutter, which occupants can use as a temporary holding space.


As long the world becomes more environmentally conscious, the fire for tiny rentals will continue to burn bright. Apart from their eco-friendly nature, they’re cheap to build, rent and maintain. Plus, these teeny dwellings are also quite cozy.

Property owners that can adopt the efficient design for tiny home rentals have an edge in the market because they can attract more people. We hope this guide gave you some great ideas to make your small spaces largely comfortable.

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