Sex Tips: Sexual Edging To Control Orgasms

Sexual edging is a super popular technique that guys and girls use to have the most amazing orgasms and sexual experiences. Edging is so much fun.

It’s growing in popularity right now and essentially it means that you build up and build up your sexual turn-on and pleasure but you don’t let yourself climax. You keep delaying the pleasure over and over again.

Edging can also help if you’re a guy and you tend to ejaculate too quickly. Some women have trouble to orgasm so some women orgasm too quickly.

There’s actually a fair number of women who orgasm really quickly and they actually avoid the depth of their sexual experience of an orgasm that overtakes their whole body. They’ll just have a really fast climax that doesn’t really get to the core and the full potential of their orgasm.

Here are the steps on exactly how to edge


1# Turn yourself on

This means that start having sex or do foreplay or masturbate if you’re by yourself.

2# Don’t climax

This means that you’re turning yourself on but before you get to a place of climax or a point of no return you’re going to stop the simulation.

You either slow down, stop completely or relax deeply into the sensations. You fall back out instead of going over to climax and orgasm.

3# Stay Relaxed

If you want to relax then please take a few deep breaths. Let the pleasure build up. If you’re really tense it’s not going to feel as good to have the pleasure circulating in your body.

But if you relax into the sensation it’s going to feel like you keep building more and more pleasure and every single part of your body will feel super delicious.

4# Circulate the energy through your entire body

If you just keep building turn on, your genitals, you can start to feel overwhelming like there’s a lot of pressure. If you circulate it through your entire body you’re going to enhance your sexual turn-on to like a giant bonfire of pleasure and goodness inside of your body.

5# Repeat

Keep building up your turn on and then don’t move in the climax. Relax again, build up more turn, and keep doing it back and forth.

Work to extend the time of your experience. If you usually masturbate for five minutes try extending the time that you masturbate to 15 using the edging technique over and over again.

You can use edging in one of two ways.

If you finally decide that you want to move into an explosively orgasmic experience then it will really enhance the power and intensity of your orgasm.

You can also use edging to build up the sexual turn-on in your body over and over again. If you don’t move into climax you’ll feel a heightened state of energy.

A high vibration buzzing and a life inside of your body and this can be really delicious to experiment with as well.

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