Eat Well And Be Happy While Doing It

If you have recently had a medical professional encourage you to move towards a healthier lifestyle or you are just ready for a change, you have a lot of options on how to get started on your path. 

(The first thing you should do when making changes related to your health and diet, of course, is to follow your healthcare provider’s guidance.)

Rethink Your Food

Many people have a fraught relationship with food. You may be one of them. If you think your food intake is an all-or-nothing endeavor regarding eating healthily, you are unfortunately misguided. Unless you have dietary restrictions and instructions from your doctor, you will do your best to eat food groups in moderation.

Begin with high-quality foods such as low-cholesterol cheese. If you are a cheese lover, then selecting good cheese products will still allow you to incorporate this delicious dairy food into your diet. Pair it with inventive sandwiches that include ingredients such as sprouts, avocados, crusty slices of bread, and spreads. You will be amazed at the flavor combinations you can come up with.

Add high-fiber fruits to round off a tasty meal. Select a variety of fruits and keep them prepared or pre-cut in your refrigerator. This way, when you are feeling peckish or looking for something sweet, you can open a container and grab a healthy snack. It is easier than opening a candy bar wrapper and will leave you feeling better, too.

Watch Your Portions

food portions

One major part of eating well is watching your portions. Instead of selecting a dinner plate for your next meal, pick up a salad plate instead. Fill the plate as you normally would, paying attention not to overfill it. You will probably not even notice that you are eating less food than before. Quite possibly, you will feel better after the meal is over as you will not have over-indulged and eaten too much.

Watch this video for easy ways to portion food.

Nothing Should Be Off-Limits

As long as your healthcare provider has given you the green light and you do not have any food allergies, nothing should be off-limits regarding food intake.

When you completely omit your favorite junk foods from your diet you tend to long for them. And, once you get the chance to eat them, you may binge instead of consuming them proportionately.

To avoid any food pitfalls, allow yourself to eat your favorite foods and snacks in moderation. Have them on hand for when you want a special treat.

Or, if it works better for your lifestyle, make a special trip to the ice cream shop or store to buy your beloved treats whenever you are feeling like a treat is in order. With this approach, the food is off-site but still accessible.

Take these ideas and make them part of your life. By choosing foods that are good for you, you still get to eat good-tasting food that you will enjoy. Go ahead and invite your favorite people over for dinner and enjoy a delicious meal with great company today.

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