Dressing For The Colder Weather In Autumn/Winter 2023

Summer, if you can call it that, has come and gone, and while many people had to get their shorts back out again for an extremely brief hot period, it is looking more and more likely that the colder weather is here to stay now.

This means it is time to pack away your sunnies and get the winter wardrobe out. If you’re in desperate need of some new winter clothes to carry you through March, then you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s take a look at what’s going to be in style, and what you can do to keep warm while working it!

Make it a Large

Oversized never seems to go out of fashion, so it can’t come back in. However, there’s definitely more room for this trend in autumn and winter, where layers become an essential part of everyday wear to keep the chill off.

Choosing pieces that give you a little more wiggle room will allow you to build up pieces underneath. This means that if you do start to get that weird “too warm” feeling in September as soon as the afternoon hits, every time you take off a piece of clothing, you’ll reveal something equally as fabulous.

Get Textured

textured winter cloths for men

Different textures go hand in hand with layering, and this year it seems to be corduroy that’s going to take centerstage when it comes to fabrics. This is hardly a surprise due to the revival of the 90s and 00s peak fashion trends, and also makes for a comfy and warm material to stay toasty in.

If you’re feeling particularly fancy, velvet, faux fur, and of course, knitwear will also be going down a storm, and are timeless pieces that you can keep for years. You can find some pieces that will last at Ernest.

Leather Weather

A hot summer is pretty much the only time that you’ll look out of place if you wear leather. Not only is it always a vibe, but it’s also great for layering and keeping warm. If you’re vegan, there are leather-look alternatives on the market that can give you the same aesthetics while allowing you to keep to your moral code—just remember that the pieces might not last as well as the real thing.

A leather jacket is the perfect transitional clothing item between the air cooling down and when you’re thinking that it’ll soon be time to get your ”big winter coat“ out.

Puff Daddy

It is hard to imagine a world where puffer coats are made to take a back seat. If anything, each year, clothes and accessories seem to get puffier. Not only can they double up as a pillow when you might be in need of one on a long train journey or in a work meeting, but puffer wear is great for looking stylish with minimal effort. It is giving “duvet day” a trip out of the house, and who doesn’t want that in 2023?

A Relaxed Fit

The days of skinny jeans are over for now, and while some people may be on the fence about that, many others will rejoice.

Relaxed-fit clothes are both stylish and comfortable, which is proof that fashion doesn’t have to hurt, and beauty isn’t always painful relaxed fit can also make it easier to wear thermal layers and thick socks if you need to, without compromising the look of the overall outfit.

So, there you have it. These are some of the pieces, fabrics, and styles to look out for to keep warm and fashionable this winter.

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