8 Indications That Prove You Are Dating A Drama Queen

A drama queen is the one who needs more attention, whether it’s good or bad attention. Drama queens from my experience can be fun or maybe of notorious types, open-minded, and great to be with. They love to cuddle, love the intimate stuff which we all love to give but they can also be emotionally draining if the guy has no experience when it comes to drama queens.

There are ups and downs and I think relationships should be a dramatic exciting adventure with lots of love and obviously with problems too. Relationships should have drama or they get bored easily. Sounds horrible! But it’s the truth!! Drama queens use drama to get everything whether it is love or attention.

Men tend to be attracted to drama queen because of the intensity and love. Drama queens are full of enthusiasm and can, at least at the beginning, look exciting and cheering. Even when you know it, looking at your drama queen is difficult just like looking at a car wreck happening and you know that you are in a problem.

Dramatic women get to make things way more spiced up in a relationship. One should make time for their dramatic women.

Check out the following indications that prove that you are dating a drama queen.

#1 Your Friends probably Hate Her

Your friends or loved ones might hate her just because of her behavior. Your girlfriend always has her way of insulting your loved ones by something. For instance, when you tell your friend, that your girlfriend is going to join a party, there may be a chance to vote against her.

#2 She reacts emotionally

Whatever the situation is she will need your attention and love. She becomes emotionally weak when you do not give her the love and attention she wants. One minute she is all happy and enjoying the moment and if you are busy, she tells you how they feel sad, they feel upset. She will go on and on about how you are always busy, you are nowhere to be seen and you might leave them behind, and also, you are not giving attention.

Drama Queen

#3 It is always your fault

If you believe that your girlfriend is a drama queen then you have to accept that it is always your fault. Seems funny!! But it is the truth. She is never going to take responsibility for her actions and also for her words. She will try to blame you as much as she can. Whatever problem she has, whether in or out of the relationship, she blames you for every bad situation even though you are not connected to that problem.

#4 Maybe she has temper tantrums

The main reason behind her being a drama queen is that she always wants to be the center of attention of that place. When she gets to know that her feelings and needs are not being met she immediately starts behaving immaturely.

#5 Nothing is good enough for her

Even if you buy expensive things by robbing a bank, she will not be happy. Moreover, she uses this to manipulate you every time. So, she gets what she wants. If you haven’t the confidence and guts and you are also a type who needs validation too, then the drama will be amplified to huge heights or maybe will take you to another level.

#6 Life is boring without her

Maybe you have decided to break up with her but let me tell you if you treat her well she will be all yours. Do some romance and cuddles with her and make her feel more special. I but that your life is going to be boring without her and as you need an extra drama in your life as well.

#7 She is great at guilt trips

She will never forget the fight you had. As she is a drama queen she loves to remind you that where you screwed up so that she can manipulate you. If you are the kind of person who can skillfully handle that kind of dynamic, then go for it and don’t miss any chance to impress your girl.

#8 She never apologizes

Drama queens would do something silly to shift everyone’s focus for the wrong she did then apologize. Committing a bigger infringement is an option for her just to avoid owning up and saying sorry for the mistake. One aspect of a drama queen’s personality is the inability to accept responsibility for their actions and whatever she did wrong. They never think of the consequences or don’t care about them or enjoy their moment happily.

How can you make your girlfriend stop being a drama queen?

There is nothing you can do apart from living with this, ignoring this, or by leaving the relationship and also by loving and giving them whatever she wants. Some men are better able to deal with Drama Queens better than others just because they know how to handle her in every aspect.

Sometimes She probably acts the wrong way and she won’t change unless she realizes that she has a problem. Good luck with getting her to realize some important things. Most drama queens blame everyone. In her mind, your girlfriend probably thinks she’s the victim when it’s her mind who starts over-blown conflicts with people. You can try and tell her that she’s blowing everything out of proportion which is not good for a relationship and what other unacceptable behavior she is exhibiting.

Every time you see her face, you know there’s going to be some childish, overemotional shitstorm over some non-existent ‘crisis’. If there’s not already a problem she can harness it in her endless quest to get attention and love. The antics of a drama queen are such a common, predictable ‘given’ as to the occasion of no interest.

Drama Queens Seek Attention.

The key is to remember that most “drama queens” are just human beings desperately seeking attention, love, care, and psychological validation. Dramatic people can be incredibly fun and cheerful in every way. Otherwise, recognizing your skill-sets might be misaligned with the needs of the scenario. So either work towards improving them, manage them or recognize that the scenario might be too challenging but you have to cope up with it without becoming resentful.

Everybody has good in them and has some sort of uniqueness, however, compatibility and stability within the space of a personal relationship are sometimes tricky.

People don’t get to like a dramatic person. Every person should respect their women. People often bitch about women who are dramatic. Every person has their own way of thinking and everyone should understand this.

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