Do Fish Like A Light At Night Fishing?

Fishing is an enjoyable hobby for many people. However, those who are looking for some rod-bending thrill should plan their next fishing trip with tricks and techniques up their sleeves. For instance, it is crucial to know which types of lights for night fishing to use.

Fishing with lamps is not a new thing. In fact, the practice itself is ingrained in the very history of the art of fishing itself. It is one of the many fishing hacks that will be handy to keep in mind.

Do Fish Really Like Lights at Night?

Yes, it is. While fishing does not always guarantee the same yields, the important thing to remember is that having the right kind of light can attract the fish close to your boat. It is crucial that you have lights or lanterns that can outshine the stars at night to lure the fish swimming right towards your nets.

The current challenge for fishermen when it comes to this area is knowing how to use the right type of light for night fishing. After all, just randomly flashing your headlamp into the water can just as easily spook the fish.

Night Fishing

Night Fishing and Lights

Check out the tips below for night fishing and the appropriate lights you can use so that you can catch that prized fish!

1. Use a small glow stick on your rods.

A small glow stick also serves as a great way to clip a little light right up to the tip of your rod. It is a good way to test whether your rod has a bite or not.

An alternative is a specialist fishing light similar to the glow stick. Besides, the important thing is that they are easy to activate. These small lights on the rod tips are crucial in setting up bait properly. Illuminating the rod well increases your chance of getting your fish and aids your night vision.

2. Utilize other light sources.

Those engaged in night fishing need to be strategic in terms of tactics and adjustments. Increase your chances of success by fishing near a dock or pier so that lights, whether shined or submerged, are reflected through the water. Other light sources such as glow-in-the-dark lures can bring out several species at night, especially in fishing lakes.

3. Have patience.

Finally, you might be able to plankton and bait easily, but it will definitely take a while longer to attract the types of fish that you want to catch. We know it’s already a given, but patience is a skill that any fishing enthusiast should learn how to master.

Night Fishing and Lights: Types of Night Lights

Other than the tips mentioned, come even better prepared for your next night fishing trip by knowing the different night light choices, as detailed below. These are three primary types best used for night fishing:

1. Submersible lights

Night fishermen have been used to using floating lights for many years. However, one common problem is dealing with other swarms of insects just as well-drawn to lights as the fish. This is where submersible lights come in.

Submersible lights are used beneath the surface of the boat to light up the depths. They come in various forms: LED, 12-volt, or battery-powered. What makes them good aids is how they are constructed to sink right away when placed in water. They float without weight, making them versatile in terms of where you can position them.

2. Floating lights

As mentioned, for the longest time, floating lights have been the top choice of light for night fishing. An example is the use of torches and lanterns, which includes the well-known mainstay Coleman lantern.

The use of floating lights has evolved from traditional types, such as the Styrofoam flotation ring, up to modern ones that already use fluorescent or LED illumination. The important thing is how they function in attracting both game fish and baitfish.

3. Multi-Colored lights

A recent innovation involves the use of fishing lights in various colors. Some come in two primary colors, white and green. This is a good approach because green and white wavelengths of light attract plankton. Plankton, in return, is food for baitfish, making it a great way to attract fish.

To add, green lights have become the most prevalent type of colored light for night fishing. It is considered the best option, especially in terms of its success rates in catching sports fish.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to night fishing, preparation is crucial. Knowing what you need about night lights can help you conquer this witching-hour sport. The problem is that using the wrong type of light, or even using the right one improperly, can be counterproductive and scare the fish away.

Fortunately, these things can easily be learned through various online resources, like this one. Following the tips we shared, we are confident you’ll be able to improve your game and even increase your yield.

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