Design Your Own Mediterranean-Style Home Courtyard With A Pizza Oven

The thought of crossing the ocean for one more bite of those delectable Mediterranean cuisine pizzas should not remain a dream.

Transforming any courtyard into a Mediterranean-inspired one, complete with a Mediterranean contours pizza oven, is possible. 

It is time to have those mouth-watering scents wafting from a courtyard miles away from the European coast. 

The Basics of Mediterranean-Style Landscaping

The initial steps in creating a Mediterranean garden for a home pizzeria involve mapping out the main features of the courtyard, including identifying the location of the pizza station.

A Mediterranean-styled garden typically highlights water features and romantically bushy seating areas and paths. The following are must-haves on the layout and final masterpiece.

1. Plants


The temperate climate of the Mediterranean region and the cuisine make herbs a mainstay in a courtyard themed on such intents. Invest in growing ample amounts of thyme, oregano, sage, rosemary, and mint. These heat-tolerant variations will last throughout the year without requiring too much attention to flourish.

Fruit trees and vegetables

What is a Mediterranean meal without fruits and vegetables? The search for the perfect garden with a pizza oven remains incomplete if it’s all dough and no flavors from mother earth. 

Fruit trees and vegetables

So fig trees, citrus trees, and pomegranates should appear in pots on the patio or planted around the garden. And olive trees lead in the creation of that charming courtyard.


Succulents and low-maintenance plants characterize Mediterranean foliage for their style, environmental cooling effect, and hardiness. Lavender, salvia, a touch of white roses, and agave create the Mediterranean impact.

2. Water feature

Consider the burbling water that will later welcome hosts of beautiful birds into the garden – it is a source of soothing sound. 

A simple fountain or bird bath will suffice as long as the use of stone sculpture for the water feature comes in to capture Mediterranean aesthetics.

3. Garden art

Place decorative garden art such as sculptures and large terracotta pots and vases. Better still, give them an arresting finish with a mix of bright and earthy colors that blend in to enhance the style and give the courtyard a personal touch.

4. Garden furniture

Do not skimp on this one. Look for tasteful, rustic, and colorful yet comfortable and timeless signature pieces. 

Garden furniture

They will hold family and guests for years as they sip cocktails while waiting for the pizzas to come out of the Mediterranean contours pizza oven.

5. Design enclosures and paths

Depending on the size of the garden, create intimate and private spots. These spaces can be achieved by shaping the vegetation with a trellis, a pergola, or planting hedges. 

Lining up large containers or pots or building walls and covering those with plants have a similar effect. Incorporate paths using gravel or tile in pale colors or a choice like terracotta that brings the sun-washed look.


It does not take much to create a Mediterranean-themed courtyard. The correct combination of plants, artwork, and architecture will pave the way to bringing in the pizza oven. Enjoy the resulting delectable setup and craft a holiday spot at home

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