8 Ways Men Are Damaging Their Hair: Hair Care Tips

You may be damaging your hair without knowing it. There are many factors that can lead to damaged hair. Your daily hair care routines affect the health of your hair.

According to you, you are having a proper routine, taking good care of your hair, but there are some things to keep in mind. While these things may not affect your hair at once they may affect it in the long term.

Here are 8 ways in which men can be damaging their hair.

Taking Hot Showers

Washing your hair with hot water is not good. So next time you take a shower and you want to enhance the quality of your hair I would suggest only washing your hair with lukewarm water.

Everywhere else hot water is cool but as far as your hair keep it loop one because as we know just heat in general even you know the hot water actually strips your hair of its natural oils which is not good. So don’t do that.

Using A Blow Dryer

Using the blow dryer is not necessarily bad but when you’re using the high heat setting, high heat damages hair, and then if you use it on the cool setting that’s not good either because it’s going to take you forever to blow-dry your hair on the cool setting.

So finding a blow dryer that has the medium temperature setting is a great solution because you don’t get the super hot heat damaging effects and then also it’s not cool enough to where it’s taking forever to blow-dry your hair. It’s all about blow drying it efficiently.

Brushing Your Hair Wet

When your hair is wet you know fresh out of the shower this is when it’s at its weakest point. So be careful when brushing it out especially if you’re growing out of your hair. I would suggest using a wide-tooth non-pulling comb.

Using dirty or old combs or hairbrushes

If you have a brush with a whole bunch of friggin wadded up hair in it from your girlfriend or if you got an old comb that has a whole bunch of residue on it from your gel or wax not only is that just gross it is pretty much a breeding ground for bacteria and old oil residue. That’s definitely not healthy so make sure that you’re always cleaning your hair styling tools.

Not Taking Right Vitamins

Vitamins are very important and they are vital to human health and the same goes for our hair. If you care about the health and quality of your hair then taking the right vitamins is crucial especially vitamin b7.

Towel Drying

When your hair is wet this is its prime time for breakage simply because it’s weak. It’s very flexible and of course, you can’t do without a towel especially your hair’s a little longer. You’re going to need a towel to dry your hair.

So I would recommend using a microfiber towel. If you don’t have that, in some towels if you use the backside usually the backside the fabric is a little bit softer and so I would just suggest using the softer side if you have that.

Try to be a little bit more gentle overall when using a towel. Maybe even think about you know Pat drying. This method will allow you not to destroy or damage your hair cuticle from the roughness of a towel.

Using Cheap Made Products

There’re a lot of products out there that have sulfates and parabens as we all know and just you know crappy ingredients. At the same time, it’s hard to find a 100% natural product that actually works. However, there are products out there that have high-quality ingredients and natural oils that will actually enhance the quality of your hair for you.


Stress is not only bad for your mental and physical health but it can also cause hair loss. In fact, when you’re under stress hair can even go into the telogen phase(the fallout phase). This can even occur three months after a super stressful event. If that does occur your hair will usually grow back within six to nine months but to keep from that being in the right frame of mind is extremely important on a day-to-day basis.

Wearing A Cap All The Time

Wearing a cap all time can have a very negative effect on your hair. The friction of tight hats can make your hair breakable and damaged. It can make your hair thin and make your hair to break. Make sure to wear caps only the time when you need to. During summers sweat and oils can get collected on your hats. Clean your hat from time to time.

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