Custom Clothing: 8 Great Ideas to Promote Your Business

There are lots of reasons you should consider custom clothing for your business.

For a start, logoed wear can be part of a uniform for employees.

A uniform has many benefits in itself: uniformed employees are more easily identifiable by customers, plus they are more likely to turn up to work dressed appropriately and smartly.

Having a uniform in common also helps to promote teamwork and company goals.

People wearing Custom Clothing

Why Create Custom Clothing?

Custom clothes need not be reserved for employees.

Custom clothing gives you a golden opportunity to promote your business in a variety of places.

Pick your garments to be customized wisely and this form of advertising can be very visible. Think of customized clothing as a walking billboard.

Brand merchandising, including custom clothing, is becoming an increasingly popular way of getting your name out there at a minimal cost.

Consider that most people tend to wear an item of clothing fairly regularly for 3 or 4 years.

That’s a lot of wear and a lot of advertising for your initial outlay.

Custom clothing is also a great way of rewarding customer or employee loyalty and makes a fun gift, promotional freebie, or prize giveaway.

How to Create Custom Clothing That People Want to Wear

Of course, receiving promotions through custom clothing only works if people actually wear the garment.

The last thing you want is for your customized garments to end up at the bottom of a drawer or the back of a wardrobe.

So, what’s the secret to creating customized clothing that people are going to want to wear, a lot?

The secret is to create customized pieces that tick all these boxes: unique, fun, and practical.

Here are 10 ideas to consider:

The Classic Embroidered or Printed Tee

Nothing’s more loved or more practical than a Classic Embroidered or Printed Tee. Embroidery is the process of using needles and thread to decorate fabric. It’s the best shirt customization choice for a professional look, whether it’s a business uniform or a personalized bag.

The first manufactured tees have their origins in the US Navy at the turn of the 20th century. However, since then the humble t-shirt has made its way to all corners of the planet. It’s worn by all ages, all genders, as workwear, and as leisurewear. Over 2 billion t-shirts are sold worldwide each year. The reasons? They’re comfortable, inexpensive, easy to wear, and easy to wash.

T-shirts and polos are easily customized through custom embroidery or screen printing services and one of the convenient and simple approaches is to start your research online. Epson makes a garment printer that can allow your T-shirt dreams to come true in your office or home.

The Humorous Tee

A joke makes your t-shirt a talking point and conversation starter.

How about a visual joke? That way you don’t have to worry about tiny text showing up.

T-shirts that make an illusion always stand out.

Have you seen the Evian baby ad inspired t-shirts?

This hilarious print of a baby from the neck down gives the impression of an adult’s head on a baby’s body.

Perhaps you can come up with a similar visual joke that works for your industry.

Man wearing Custom Clothing
Photo by Frame Kings from Pexels

The Inspirational Tee

A positive mantra makes people feel good.

And pulling on a tee with some feel-good words is a great way to start the day. The ‘inspirational tee’ is definitely going to inspire a lot of wear.

This kind of tee is often used by charities for self-promotion.

Take a recent example by Greenpeace: their ‘Make the planet great again’ tees were a clever spin on a well-known expression and got them noticed.

This kind of design can be a really effective way of getting your brand identity and story out there for all to see too. Go for a simple design where the words do the talking.

The Original Artwork Tee

Coming up with your own artwork or commissioning it to put on a tee can help your business stand out from the crowd.

Make sure you go for a bold design that won’t be missed. You could use vivid colors, bold lines, or a quirky design that turns heads.

Sublimation printing is ideal for creating customized t-shirts like these.

This process heats the ink and turns it into a gas, which means it becomes part of the fabric rather than sitting on top of it. It means color lasts really well and the garment is easier to care for.

Go Head to Toe in the Fabric of Your Choice

A t-shirt makes a classic choice but why stop there? Most other everyday clothing can be easily customized in a bulk order: polos, vests, tanks, bottoms, shirts, hoodies, shirts, and sportswear are prime examples.

Choose your fabric wisely to ensure the recipient enjoys wearing the garment. Fleece or terry are good for warmth.

Mesh and performance polyester is ideal for sportswear.  Cotton or cotton-feel polyester are classic choices for comfort and normal temperature ranges.

If sustainability is important to you and your business, then organic cotton is the right choice.

The Tote Bag

Now, most people are on board with trying to cut down on single-use plastics for the sake of the planet, more and more of us are turning to reusable tote bags to carry our shopping.

So, what better item to have printed up to promote your business? You know it’ll get out and about lots, no matter what the weather or time of year, plus it won’t ever be hidden under jackets or sweaters.

A Promotional Cap

A cap is another accessory that is worn out a lot so is great for making sure your business message travels. Plus, sitting atop someone’s head, a cap is highly visible too.

Caps can be personalized and bulk ordered at a very reasonable cost. They make great giveaways too because they’re one-size-fits-all.

Cute Kids Clothing

Why keep your design for the grown-ups? Why not kit out a whole family?

Kids’ clothing is super cute and is great for getting noticed. With printable rompers and babygrows, even the tiniest kids can help get your message out there.

There are so many great options for customized clothing that you will certainly find something that suits your business message and target audience.

Remember that a custom t-shirt with pictures is one of the best ways of promoting your business for relatively little cost. Use a little creativity, produce a great garment and it’ll be worn by many for years to come; that’s a great value.

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