Copper Clothing Review: They Make The Most Comfortable Products

Disclaimer: The products reviewed in the article were sent to me by Copper Clothing as a gift, but all the views expressed in the article are of my own. I have extensively tested their products before writing this review.

R&D is moving rapidly than ever before and there is no exception when it comes to clothing as well. Before the Copper Clothing brand contacted me about trying their products I wasn’t even aware that there were clothes and accessories with copper infused in them.

This was something that was very interesting for me. To my surprise, Copper Clothing sent me five products and there are two products which I specifically loved and they became a part of my daily routine. One of the products was a Copper eye mask that my mom absolutely loved. The other two were copper clothing face masks that came in very handy especially during covid times.

The two products that I loved the most were copper-infused compression socks and compression gloves.

Why Copper Clothing?

There are many benefits of copper-infused fabric clothing products. They are Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral, Anti-Fungal, Self-Cleansing, and Eco-Friendly. Almost all of their products have compression in them.

Unlike normal products that don’t have compression, compression products are manufactured on machinery made specifically for it. The machinery used to manufacture compression products is much more expensive than the machinery used to make normal products without compression.

What’s even better is that compression garment helps you recover faster from an injury, increase your performance and even decrease your chance of getting an injury.

What’s even much better is the combination of compression and copper. All products and garments by Copper Clothing have copper in them that is anti-microbial, helps improve blood circulation, and is heat insulated.

Here is a review of copper clothing compression socks and copper clothing compression gloves.

Copper Clothing Compression Socks

Copper Clothing Short Socks

When I first wore the short Copper compression socks I was shocked by the fact, what I was missing the whole life. The comfort that I felt after wearing these is something that you will have to experience yourself to believe in.

They came in very good packaging and they fold perfectly when you want to keep them away so that they don’t deform in any way. I have washed these socks a few times and they still look new so they are as durable as well.

The compression was perfect, the fabric was soft and my feet felt breathable. One thing that I absolutely loved about these socks was that they absorbed sweat. This prevents any chance of infection that you may face due to sweat. These compression socks help improve blood circulation in the feet and I could definitely feel it.

As there is copper infused these don’t have to be washed very often as they are anti-odor.

The socks are perfectly priced at £12.99 for the value that they provide. The socks come in two sizes. 9-11 and 7-9.

Copper Clothing Short Socks on feet

Benefits of Copper Clothing Compression Socks

  • Softer and healthier feet
  • Helps with 24 hours moisture management
  • Doesn’t need to be washed often
  • Compression is perfect
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Has copper in it that has medically proved benefits
  • Absorbs the sweat
  • Fewer chances of sweat infection in your feet
  • Increases blood flow in feet

Anti-Microbial Copper Compression Full Finger Gloves

Copper Compression Full Finger Gloves

One thing that amazed me about these copper compression finger gloves was how comfortable they were to wear all day long. These gloves grip my hand very well. They also grip to other things as you would expect them to. They have a very soft feel to the hand which adds an extra layer of comfort for long-time use. These gloves come in four sizes. Small, medium, large and extra-large.

These gloves also have copper infused in them that have been scientifically proven to show anti-viral properties. What this means is a 99.99% reduction of viruses within minutes of contact. This is significantly essential considering the covid-19 virus. As most of the germs are spread using our hands this is one of the main reasons to buy these gloves. After using these gloves you can wash them as well as they are completely washable.

The copper compression gloves are thin yet they are very comfortable. You can do your daily tasks with ease or even drive your car comfortably wearing these gloves. The gloves are very durable and will last a very long time. I wore these gloves during cold temperatures and they do a very good job at keeping my hands warm.

Price: £22.99.

Copper Compression Full Finger Gloves

When using your phone you will have to remove your gloves as they don’t work on a touch screen. You can easily write something using these gloves as they are very thin.

As these gloves also have compression in them they will help with blood flow in your hand.

Benefits of Anti-Microbial Copper Compression Full Finger Gloves

  • Very comfortable on the hand
  • You can do daily tasks easily wearing these
  • These gloves have a very good design and they look trendy
  • They don’t cause too much sweat in hand
  • Recommended to use anti-bacterial gloves during this pandemic
  • Proper compression provide a good blood flow in the hand
  • Copper-infusion help prevent bad odor

Is Copper Clothing Safe To Wear?

Yes, copper clothing is proven to be anti-bacterial and it helps fight bacteria and fungi that can help you stay away from various viruses.

Do I recommend Copper Clothing?

Absolutely Yes. The products made by copper clothing are not only beneficial for your health they are trendy as well. You can wear them on a daily basis and look cool while helping in maintaining your health as well. Copper has been scientifically proven to have many health benefits and investing in copper-infused products will definitely help in improving your health.

More About Copper Clothing Company

Copper clothing is one of the most reputed company when it comes to quality. They have one of the best reviews and services. This company has a very high customer satisfaction when it comes to customer services as they provide high-quality products.

The fit and finish of their products are top quality. They provide one of the best face masks. This company makes one of the best compression products that help relieve pain.

Quality Of Copper Clothing Products & Service

One of the things that amazed me was the high quality and the quality of service that this company provided to me. They gave a very prompt reply to any E-mail I have sent to them. I was very satisfied by their service and they have very good customer reviews as well.

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