College Trip Essentials: Packing List

You are finally ready to take that college trip your class has been planning.

You are all excited and pumped up.

But then here comes a question, What are the College Trip Essentials? What stuff should you take with you that will make your trip more enjoyable?

Anyone can enjoy the trip but enjoying it the right way is a must.

If you want all those questions answered then you have come to the right place.


College Trip Essentials

Here’s a list of top College Trip Essentials that will make your trip a memorable one.


College Trip Essentials – Friends



First, let me advise you something. Don’t bother going on a trip if your friends aren’t going. You won’t be able to enjoy the trip as you may have no one to talk to the whole time.

Convince your friends to go with you on the trip. This way you will have more fun. You will have lot more memories of your trip with your friends then will ever have alone. Maybe you will get lucky and find someone to spend time on the trip with but what are the chances, Very few.

Now that you have company what are the essential things you need for that college trip.


College Trip Essentials – Backpack



Well, you will need something to pack all your stuff in. Find the size that will fit all the stuff that you will be taking with you.


College Trip Essentials - Power bank
College Trip Essentials – Power bank


Power Bank

This is one the basic necessity of any trip. How would you feel if all of a sudden your phone goes dead?

All your memories are gone.


Because no phone to take pictures. And pictures are important. You will be left with no option other than asking your friends for their phone. And what happens when you ask your friend’s for their phone, you get it only for a few seconds DUH!.

Make sure you have a power bank handy & make sure it’s fully charged. No point in bringing a power bank if u didn’t charge it in the first place.

Charger And Cable

Make sure you pack your phone charger and charging cable.

Internet Plans

Now that you have your power bank handy & ready to take those nice pictures. Here’s one thing. People like to show off when they are having fun. You are going to upload a lot of Snapchat & Instagram pictures.

Now make sure you have a working internet plan beforehand and make sure it’s an unlimited one. You will be taking a lot of Snapchat & Instagram stories.

Don’t do the mistake of missing on this as you will be relying on your friends to turn on their mobile hotspot. And what happens when you ask your friend’s for their hotspot, you get it only for a few seconds DUH!


Check the weather of the place you’ll be visiting and carry your cloths accordingly. Don’t make the mistake of carrying summer clothes to a place where the temperature is cold.

Tooth Brush

Most people often forget to pack their toothbrush.

Hand Sanitizer

Have a hand sanitizer with you all times.


You need to comb your hair 😛


College Trip Essentials – Shoes



Shoes are pretty important. Make sure you bring some comfortable shoes(Sports Shoes preferably), as you will be walking a lot. You will thank me later for this.


College Trip Essentials – Earphones



Listening to music while travelling is one of the best things to do. Create a playlist of your favourite song and you are ready.


College Trip Essentials – Sunglasses


Protect your eyes from dust and sun.

Face Wash

Always have a face wash handy when you are going to trip. You will be travelling a lot and you want something to deal with all the dust on your face.


Carry a small pillow just in case you feel sleepy.


College Trip Essentials – Maps


Travel Apps

This will come in pretty handy when you find a nice restaurant. Google Maps is pretty accurate, So make sure to download it.


Carry some snacks with you. How would you feel if all a sudden you feel hungry and you have nothing to eat.

Water bottle


Trimmer or Shaver

Bring your trimmer or shaver along if you have a long trip.


College Trip Essentials -Flip-flops



The ultimate comfort.

Sleeping Bags

Depending on your travel circumstances, sleeping bags come in handy.


If you are really into it.


Having money with you all the time won’t hurt. This will be the last thing you will worry about if you have already had enough.

Deck of cards

This may become your best time pass.



These are some of the basic essentials that you will need. Add or delete something from your packing list according to your need. And remember one thing, even if you forget something don’t spoil the mood. Remember why you took the college trip.”To Have Fun”.

“One’s destination is never a place, but always a new way of seeing things.”




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