Coffin Vs Casket: Making Hard Decisions For A Funeral

If you’re tasked with the details of funeral planning for a deceased loved one, you may have many choices to make. What types of flowers are you using for the funeral? Who do you want to carry the coffin or casket in the funeral procession? What will be said during the funeral? Along with coming up with the planning and the decor, you will have another tough choice to make – should you use a coffin vs casket for the deceased person’s body?

Funeral planning – coffin vs casket?

Before you can decide if a coffin vs casket from a company like Titan Casket is right, you first need to know – what are the main differences between these two? When making a decision for your loved one, you want to make a smart decision that is respectful of their wishes and works well with the rest of your funeral arrangement planning.

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Caskets are a type of box that is used to hold your loved ones after they have passed. Typically in a rectangular shape, the casket has hinges so it can open and close. The rails on the sides of the casket are used so they can be carried to and from the hearse to the funeral home location. You can use a casket for cremations, burials, and funeral viewing if you wish.

Typically you will find that the caskets are either wood or metal. You can decide which type of material looks best with your funeral planning decorations which one your loved one chose to have for their casket choice. Inside the casket, the lining is usually a cloth interior so it can be comfortable and soft for your loved one.



In comparison to caskets, the coffin is similar – but it has a different shape. When comparing coffin vs casket, you will find that a coffin has six sides instead of four. The coffin is typically contoured to work with the shape of the loved one’s body, instead of being a rectangular shape. Unlike a casket, the majority of coffins have a removable lid that will be slid off or lifted off of the top.

Coffin vs casket price

The next factor to take into consideration when you are deciding between a coffin vs casket for your loved one’s funeral is the price that you will be paying. Although price should be the last thing on your mind, it can sometimes be very costly to have a funeral – which might not work for everyone in a specific financial situation. When it comes to price, coffins are usually less expensive than caskets, as they are smaller and require less construction and material to formulate.


If you are still debating between coffin vs casket for your loved one’s funeral, you need to take a few considerations into account before making your final decision. A casket is typically a rectangle shape and contains four sides that have a lid with a hinge. A coffin is typically six-sided and shaped to the human’s body, and has a lid that can slide off. Check out both options to see which one will work best with the rest of your funeral decor and make your final decision.

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