Acts Of Chivalry Men That Influence Ladies To liquefy

Is chivalry dead?


Women and men both killed.

But women have a lot to do with it.


Well because in this day and age you’ve got all these awful magazines like Glamour, Cosmo and you got all this stuff online which tell women to think a certain way, behave a certain way.


A quote telling how a chivalry man really is


In addition, you don’t have anything out there telling men how to behave in a certain way. There are very few things. Well, there are magazines for guys like GQ, Esquire and then there’s Maxim.

Everything you see in the headlines is all about the bedroom and stuff like that.

So, how to bring chivalry back.

I am going to cover these topics about different habits a true chivalry gentleman should have.

Lets first identify what chivalry really is. I  identify chivalry as something that you as a gentleman should be able to do with people that don’t even know you.

Chivalry isn’t just about what you can do for your significant other, it should just be that, you’re a gentleman. If you’re chivalrous, you should be able to do it for anybody you meet on the street.

You will read a lot of articles on the internet about being a good boyfriend. Well, chivalry just doesn’t end at being a good boyfriend. It is much more.


Putting your jacket on her

When you’re going out to dinner and when you’re leaving you to want to help her with the jacket. Especially in winter, she’s got a heavy jacket. It’s a hassle to get it in.

It’s almost like opening the door for her. It’s an instinctual thing.

Go over fetch the coat. First of all, if it’s in a coat rack bring it back and then put it on her. That’s very chivalrous and girls really appreciate it.

It’s very sugary.


A girl is feeling cold and a chivalry man is putting jacket on her


Let’s say you’re walking outside, it’s kind of chilly. You see that she is cold. You have a jacket on, offer her your jacket. That’s being a decent human being.

A lot the whole feminist movement now is like yeah I don’t need your help, but I can guarantee you 9.5 out of 10 women out there right now will thank you.

There’s one thing I used to see a lot but not so much anymore. When your girlfriend is getting into the car or getting out of the car, open the door for her. No one does that. You got to do that.

Needless to say, if the car is parked and she’s facing the street I literally will be like honey wait I’ll go around and then I’ll open it.

When we’re leaving a restaurant I go to the car I go up to the door open it first and then shut the door for her.

It might not happen every single time when you’re getting out of the car, but when you’re getting into the car you should always walk your girl to the door, open the door and shut the door for her.


A Chivalry Man Opens Doors

Well, this is actually something that some people might do.

I will even go way out of our way. If I see somebody coming I will hold the door open. It’s just it’s just something that not everyone does in every part of the world.

Most don’t hold the door open. Some people do.


A chivalry man is holding the door for a women
Chivalry Man opening the door for a women


Also, there’s a courtesy when you go through a door that’s being held open by somebody you say thank you.

No one says Thank You. When someone opens a door for you don’t just run away like they’re touring servant. Thank them for doing so.


This applies to elevators as well.

In elevators, there’s a certain etiquette to that.

When you’re waiting for an elevator and push the elevator but let’s say there’s somebody else. Let’s say there’s a lady there.

You always hold the elevator door and let the lady get on first right and when you get off you hold the elevator door and let the lady get off first. And also when you’re inside, you should try to push the button by asking her.

If you live in a city that has so many people who are all upset about something, then it’s probably less a problem. I would challenge people or I would urge people to do this but also you should do it from the bottom of your heart.

For example, If you just do it to try it as a feel-good thing it’s not going to work because people aren’t gonna appreciate you. When I open the door, at least for me is like muscle memory.

It’s not even like something I think about, like oh I should. It’s just something I do because I did it my whole life.

Somethings if you do something for someone they’re like, Why are you trying to be nice? I mean this wouldn’t even be an issue if it was like the 1800’s.


Saving the last bite of food

Isn’t that just obvious!

That’s kind of like common courtesy right, you really want to when you’re eating with a group of friends. I am very courteous when it comes to sharing food especially last bites of food.


chivalry man and a women eating food together


If you feel like somebody else likes it more you should be like, Absolutely! “eat it you eat it and they’ll be like no no come on dude finish it up finish it up”.


This is why I’m always like I need more bread. I kind of somewhere better go with my whatever the heck I’m eating. Anyways, but save the last piece. Save the last piece especially if it’s a significant other.

Let’s say you’re on a date and the girl really likes a dish that you’re you’re sharing or whatever, make sure she gets the last bite.

If she really enjoys, and the girl might be like no, you know when you kind of got to read the person.


Always Offer Food

Always offer it, you don’t want to shove it down her throat. I’m saying you can tell when a person is just being polite.

I’ve noticed this phenomenon in Western society which is either guy or girl when they get to that, sometimes you order an appetizer or spring rolls, they’re only three pieces. Right.


Spending time with your family

This is not really something that’s a chivalry kind of thing.  This is more like being a good partner.

This isn’t just a sign of a good boyfriend, this is more like if you if you know the relationships going somewhere. If he’s like I don’t wanna talk or touch or see your family there’s something wrong with that.


Watching Romantic Movies With Your Girl

I enjoy romantic movies with my girl. I think nowadays we have to distinguish what is a romantic comedy because to me I like romantic comedies. We just don’t like the same ones, but we both love romantic comedies.


Girl watching romantic movie with a chivalry guy


When I watch movies with my girlfriend I like it mostly because I watch it with her. But would I ever watch it own my own, I wouldn’t. Sometimes it just happens that I like that movie I didn’t want to watch.

Then I am like, Hey my girlfriend wanted to watch it, I was a little sceptical but after I watched it that was a good movie.


Sending flowers

You want to go one step above which is don’t just send flowers on Valentine’s Day on anniversaries on birthdays because we have a friend, who only really does it on those days.

That becomes contrite, clichéd.


Chivalry man bringing flowers for his wife


It’s almost like, Oh everybody does it, yeah plus you’re paying four times as much for a bunch of roses and chocolates.

Do it on a whim. That’s what’s going to melt a girl’s heart. Bring back a bouquet of Roses on any random day.

These are things you can just bring home to your loved ones and random gifts like that melt heart. That shows that you’re paying attention to details.

Guys have a bad reputation for being kind of bigger picture. But when you show that side of attention to detail and thoughtfulness BOOM.

Walking on the outside of the sidewalk

The reason why guys always walk on the side on the outside of the sidewalk has been, this is like a thing that’s been going off for a 100 years or even more.

Back in the day when there were no roads, they were like cobblestone and there’s still sidewalks. But what you have is you don’t have working sewage system.

So when people who are upstairs on second floors, what they would do to their sewage is throw it out the window and usually when that happens, the guy who’s wherever is walking on the outside will get splashed with this sewage.

So that’s why the guy always walks on the outside of the sidewalk. You should be glad that you weren’t dating back then because would be walking down the street like oh not again.

In today’s age hopefully, people don’t throw their stuff outside.

Even today the streets are dangerous especially in Cities. You need to protect your girl or any girl close to you. Let her walk inside. That’s 100% chivalrous.


kissing the forehead

Kissing on the forehead shows affection.


A chivalry man kissing her girlfriends forehead
Image By: Kelley Leigh Karp


I mean there is something about kissing the forehead that’s special.

Filling up the gas tank

Always remember if you often take out someone’s cars make sure to fill up the gas tank. If you take out their car and the only thing you do is empty then gas tank than it is no good.


chivalry men filling gas tank


The next time they will not give you their car will full heart. If you fill up their tank they would rather be happy. If you are going to trip with your friends and one of them is taking their car, offer him to pay for fuel.

I have one more tip.


Help your Lady get seated at a dinner table

Help her get seated before you sit down.


Chivalry men helping her Lady get seated at a dinner table
Image by © Ken Seet/Corbis


You know it’s fine the girl probably doesn’t care if you don’t do it but the guy should care.

You both sit down. The guy is like I’m so hungry. He looks at the menu and she’s still fiddling with the coat and she has got bags all this crazy stuff.

I think this is something that applies a lot, especially in the city when you both sit down a lot of the case people sometimes probably more often than not you both need to go to the bathroom.

You never sit down and be like I’m going to the bathroom. COME ON Let her go first so you can watch her bag and then when she comes back.

If you first start dating or later in your relationship you got to offer or just take the girl home like walking her home. You do that you should do that all the time but a lot of people don’t.



It’s not like she’s going to get robbed on her way to her apartment. Most likely that won’t happen.

Do you know what it illustrates when a guy isn’t chivalrous, Selfishness?


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