Checklist For Hosting During Summer

There’s nothing like having friends and family over for a gathering on a lovely summer day! The air is inviting and pleasant, and so is the company.

You may be a little rusty at hosting after months of staying indoors with your family or close circle. Please read on for a little refresher in the form of a summer entertaining checklist.

1. Cleanliness is Essential

People don’t expect every surface in your home to be glistening necessarily, but a certain baseline of cleanliness is expected. Nothing pierces a home’s sense of cleanliness faster than spotting a pest on the premises.

The pest control cost in Toronto is nothing compared to the embarrassment that follows a guest spotting a cockroach in the home, especially if it’s near where food is prepared. Leading pest control experts offer thorough treatments that are safe for pets and the environment.

Look for a local, family-owned business that uses Health Canada-approved chemicals. The best ones have a Home Protection Plan service, so you can keep your home pre-emptively pest-free 24/7/365. Their technicians will be friendly and respectful in your home.

2. Take Food Up a Notch

What’s better than a summer BBQ with friends and family? A BBQ with extra delicious food where you aren’t running around prepping every dish while guests are over.

In other words, try out some new recipes with an extra kick. If you need to, do a sample run where you cook the meals, you’re going to serve in advance so you’re confident that they’re yummy and know how to do the prep.

If you can marinate vegetables or meats for the grill hours before people arrive, you won’t be scrambling to prepare the food when guests are there. Enjoy your company and the food by working out some delicious meal prep in advance.

garden party

3. Loads of Refreshments

If there’s one thing more important than what guests eat at a party, it’s drinking. You don’t need to get the most expensive or exclusive bottles of liquor or the fanciest beers. But make sure they’re cold and amply supplied.

Drinks don’t have to be alcoholic. A cool, refreshing beverage will be appreciated on a hot summer day. If you are serving alcohol, make sure people have a safe ride home and don’t get too inebriated. Always serve food along with alcohol so guests don’t get too drunk.

4. Music

Your party needs the right vibe, and nothing gets the party started to like playing great music! Don’t simply play your favorite songs; try to DJ based on what the party needs.

Reggae is the perfect fit for summer parties, but you may prefer something more modern and contemporary. Try to feel what the guests and the occasion calls for, then turn the bass up and play it loud!

Summertime is ideal for hosting because Canada’s weather is, to put it lightly, not always conducive to hanging out outside. Your party can be incredible so long as you do the basics well. Make sure your home is clean, serve yummy food and drinks, and create a playlist to remember. If you do, you’ll take summer entertaining to a new level.

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