8 Cheap Tricks To Make Your House Look Expensive

Renovating your house doesn’t have to be expensive. There are some inexpensive things you can do to completely change the look and feel of your house. Here are eight cheap tricks to make your house look expensive.

Illuminate With Lighting

You can simply diffuse light with shades, but it’s also a great opportunity to show some creativity. Use sconces to highlight focal points like fireplaces or artwork. You can place them in a new position or even add more to illuminate the area. Changes like these are easy on your wallet and have an enormous impact on the look of your house. In all cases, make sure that the lights aren’t so bright they blind people walking in through the front door (there’s nothing wrong with mood lighting), and remember – lampshades are your friend!

Maximize With Mirrors

This is trick interior designers have loved for years. If you don’t like the size or color of your entryway mirror, try hanging a large mirror opposite it to open up the space and make it appear bigger than it actually is. You can also place mirrors on opposing walls in rooms like the living room to give yourself easy access from one end of the room to another without needing to turn around.

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Minimize Furniture

You don’t have to purchase a bunch of furniture for every room you have – sometimes less is more. If you only have two pieces in each room, group them together to look as though there are more items than there really are. You could put a sofa and coffee table facing one another or even set chairs around a large, circular table instead of leaving an empty space. The minimalist look can make your house seem bigger than it really is since you aren’t drawing attention to the lack of space by placing lots of furniture throughout it.

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Accessorizing can help you add a lot to your house on the cheap. Find unique yard sale finds that you like and display them in your house. Have some plants and flowers around – they make everything more homely! Add artwork or family photos to walls, too. You don’t have to go out of pocket for things you want to buy – just find creative ways to use items that are already there in fun new ways. This helps your house feel lived-in, and people always love seeing personal touches when they come over.

Try a new plaster finish

If you’re looking to make your kitchen look new, consider a new plaster finish. Different types of plaster finishes can give it an entirely new look without taking away the space you love. You could go with something bold like orange or yellow or keep it simple with white or beige. Whatever you choose, don’t worry about having to match colors because there are plenty of paint and color options out there that will allow the finishing work on the walls to blend in seamlessly with any existing décor.

Fresh Paint Job

A fresh coat of paint can make a big difference in the way your house looks. Consider accent walls a bold color like red, green, or blue to liven up spaces without completely renovating them. If you’re thinking of doing serious work down the road, it helps to use a neutral color so that changes are easier and cheaper to make when they are needed.

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Upgrade Hardware

Hardware fixtures like door handles, doorknobs, and cabinet pulls are small details that make a big difference in the way your house looks. They can be cheap (or even free) to replace and help you give a room or an entire house an entirely new look. If you’re looking for something more classic, consider adding a nickel finish to any brass hardware items with a little bit of spray paint. Consider using power tools to attach hinges instead of nails if they need replacing on old cabinets as well – it helps ensure everything is securely attached once the project is done!

Curb Appeal

Your home is only as good as your curb appeal. If you’re trying to sell your house, people need to be able to see it from the street and know that they want to walk up and knock on the door. To ensure this happens, make sure you invest in quality landscaping; think about what a professional would do with your yard.

Consider hiring someone who can help put things like bushes and small trees in place so your property’s outdoor space doesn’t look empty. This makes your front yard look full even if there isn’t much room for actual plants.

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