Twitter reacts on CBSE re-test of Class 10th & 12th papers


Nightmare for class 12th students as Within 90 minutes of the end of CBSE’s Class 12th maths exam on Wednesday, the board declared that students will have to sit for a retest following reports of the question paper having been leaked. Re-examination will also be held for the Class XII Economics paper, which was also allegedly leaked.

A lot of people reacted on Twitter to show their hard feelings and some made it look funny. Here’s what everyone is saying

Here’s what the Prime Minister Narinder Modi tweeted

Word hard again indeed

This ones funny

He looks angry


Nothing to say here

This one is the funniest 😛

Laxman seems to be fooling around

well :O

seems relatable

Going for a exam is a pain and giving a exam again is pain level 100. Well all we can say is Good Luck for the re-exam.


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