How To Maintain And Take Care Of Your Beard: Men’s Grooming

Taking Care of your beard is not an easy task. It is difficult than growing one.

Everyone has a different type of beard. Some trim it every day and some trim it after a few days.

If you want a clean look with your beard you will need to maintain it properly. Maintaining your beard doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot on beard products.

Beard products have only become popular in last few years and although they help they are not a complete necessity.

Here are few tips which will help you maintain and take care of that precious beard.



Trim It

By trimming I don’t mean to trim it each and every day. Trim your beard to the length which looks best on your face.

Don’t have a beard that doesn’t look good on your face. Many people see popular celebrities and try to copy them but in the end, they end up looking no good.


Because of your face type.

YES, face structure heavily impacts the way a beard looks on your face. You will have to try with different styles of beard to find out what will work out best for you.

So trim your beard according to how it will look good on your face rather than copying someone who has a completely different face structure.

Invest in a good trimmer and you will automatically invest in a good looking beard. And this is my next tip.



Choose Your Trimmer Wisely

Don’t just go out and buy a cheap trimmer.

The blades of a cheap trimmer are usually not that good and they don’t provide a perfect trim. There are a number of trimmer options available.

Philips provides one of the best trimmers for their price in India. They have very good quality blades that provide a perfect trim.



Neck Line

Trim that neckline.

Having a perfect neckline define’s your beard like anything else. A proper neckline will make your beard look sharp and aesthetic.

To find the perfect trim length of your neckline place two fingers above your Adam’s apple (roughly 1.5 inches).



Cheek hair

Now that you have trimmed or shaved that neckline it’s time for cheek hair.

I have just had one thing to say about cheek hair(Shave) trim or wax whatever you want but do it. Having cheek hair also affects the complexion of the face.

If you have never shaved that cheek hair just do it and the difference you will fall will be huge.



Wash Your Beard

Like your hair beard needs to be washed too.

People often forget to wash their beard and this is where they are making a huge mistake. Like hair, if you don’t wash your beard properly it can get damaged.

Happened with one of my friend’s who had a big beard and never took care of it. His beard became so rough that he heads to trim it short and grow it again.

You don’t need to wash your beard every day as you trim your beard often.

Use a beard specific shampoo and conditioner as they contain essential products which help in proper beard care.



Properly Use Your Beard Products

One thing I have noticed in people who use beard products is that they use a lot of them.

While they are made especially for the care of beard they contain chemicals and chemicals can damage your beard hair. Use in moderation and you are good to go.


Oil That Beard

Oil that beard. yup just oil it. Oiling your beard will increase hair growth and keep it soft.

Choose a good Beard oil made specifically for the beard.


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