Can You Force Someone To Love You?

Can You Force Someone To Love You?

You’ve just confessed to someone that you love them, but sadly they don’t love you back. This is the worst thing that can happen to anyone. You love someone so much that you are ready to do anything for them. And then you come to know that they don’t love you back.

You are all broken deep inside, are having bad thoughts in your mind, start thinking about different things.

All you want to do is stay alone in a peaceful place, and off of a sudden something strikes in your mind. That you will convince your love to love you back. You will do anything to convince them to love you back. But after trying nothing seems to change.

Move On With Life, Life Has Better Things Ahead Of You

Now what should happen here is you should move on. But you don’t and you try to force someone again and again.

Now the question arises, Can You Force Someone To Love You?

From my experience no.

You can’t force someone to love you, But you can try to change their feelings for you.

Even if you force someone to love you it will not be the same as loving someone with a full heart. Both of you will not be comfortable with each other at all times. You won’t be able to share things, do things.

One thing I can tell for sure is that “LOVE CAN’T BE FORCED” & I can’t stress it enough. You either choose to love someone or not to love someone.

Why would you want to force someone in the first place?

Just don’t do it. It will never help. You can never force someone to love you until they really want to. Remember, that which is forced can never be loved.

Someone once said, “It hurts to let go, but sometimes it hurts more to hold on.”

Don’t ever lie to be loved?

I have seen people who do this a lot. In order to gain sympathy, they lie and they end up being in a relationship with the one they love.

Never get too attached to anyone unless they also feel the same toward you, because one-sided love expectations can mentally destroy you. The hardest part about walking away from someone is the part where you realize that no matter how slowly you go they will never follow you.

When two people really love each other they always find a way to work it out, but if they don’t it really works and it is the sad truth.

Don’t try to be friends with someone you love?

Don’t try to be friends with someone you love, because if they don’t love you the way you do, it will become difficult for you to move on. I am not talking about the famous FRIENDZONE here. That’s a whole different concept.

How to deal with it?

One thing I have noticed that people who are busy in their life can very easily deal with these types of situations. If you are someone who has no stuff to do all day then all you can think is “why me“?

The best way to deal with it is to make yourself busier. Invest in yourself. Learn something about female psychology. Learn something about male psychology! Start working out if you aren’t already. Join a gym. Working out will make you feel much better than you were before. You will feel more confident about yourself. Hang out with your friends more often.

Don’t let these types of things destroy you emotionally. Remember “SOMEONE is made for SOMEONE”. Eventually, you will find someone in life who loves you as much as you do. You are better off with someone who loves you as much as you do.

Love Someone Who Loves You The Same Way As You Do

How to move on?

One thing I have learned in life is that don’t get too emotionally attached to someone unless they are the same as you. It will eventually hurt you one day. Try to have mutual Feelings. Don’t raise your expectations. Unpredictable things happen in this world, and you are never sure what will happen to you and your life.

Maybe it is for your own good that you move on and found someone much better than the one you used to like.

You need to know that the person you are in a relationship with is best for you. Know what they want. You need to make sure that you see the relationship signs on time or you will just get away from your relationship. You need to give time and see what is best for you. People often just don’t understand other people.

Be a person that doesn’t force someone to love. See what works and see how much time the other person is giving you. Every person is different and they should have the time to decide what they want best. Give time and see the results you get. If you don’t give time then there is a great chance that your relationship will fail.

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