Boost Testosterone Naturally: No Supplements Required

There are a number of ways to increase or boost testosterone naturally.

There are a couple of things that you definitely want to change your diet if you’re looking to increase your testosterone or maintain a healthy testosterone level.

Changing diet is one way but it’s not necessarily related to your diet. It depends on your overall health.

One way to maintain and keep high levels of testosterone is through getting a good 8 hours of sleep. It’s really important to get 8 hours of sleep. Research has shown that maintaining a normal sleep cycle increases testosterone. The ideal sleep cycle for our humans is between 10 pm to 6 am.

So do your best if you really want to grow and you’re serious about growing lean positive muscle. You really need to make sure you get your sleep during that time.

Do your best to get 8 hours of sleep. Some people work better around 6, some people work better on 9, do your best to shoot for 8 and then if you can’t figure out what your body needs, make sure that what makes you feel your best because of sleep boost testosterone levels.

Man feeling depressed due to low Testosterone levels

A lot of people think that you should not be eating fats, so you see a lot of crazy diets out there. You don’t need to eat only a high protein diet every time. You need to have a balanced diet in order to grow lean muscle.

Make sure you have healthy lipids in your diet in order to increase testosterone. With healthy lipids, you can get healthy fats from nuts through avocados.

There are a couple of different sources you definitely want to stay away from.

The brownies and McDonald’s kind of stuff. Processed fats are not going to help. You get energy and then that’s what your body uses a lot of times. If you use energy from processed fat that that is not good for your health.

If you’re trying to put on muscle you should be hitting the weights. There’re a lot of benefits to it. When you get your pump you can really feel like there is blood flow to your muscles and that’s good for you.

Photo displaying signs of low Testosterone

There’s a lot of positive benefits to hitting the weights. It increases bone density and vasodilation. Especially taking a pre-workout before a workout enlarges your blood vessels. That’s linked to anything from muscle growth because the red blood cells transport oxygen which helps deliver nutrients to your muscles and your fibers to help you grow.

It’s also great for cardiovascular. If you don’t want to get tired when you’re having sex, exercise more often which increases testosterone.

There’s a lot of benefits linked to basically getting the pump in the gym. There’re cardiovascular benefits for sex as well as erectile dysfunction. That’s a big thing as far as working out. A lot of erectile dysfunction is linked to improper blood flow.

Stress and a couple of other things like low testosterone are obviously linked to ED erectile dysfunction. Hitting the weights causes your blood vessels to dilate and that makes it easier to transport the nutrients which are definitely a way to go as far as having great sex.

Reducing stress in your life helps a lot. That’s another great way to make sure you have high testosterone levels. If you have cortisol and cortisol is like a stress-inducing hormone or causing hormone, you definitely don’t want that in your body because that’s just going to inhibit your ability to produce muscle.


There is one tough thing for guys.

Cut off the beer. Beers hops are very estrogenic in nature. Have you seen a guy that drinks a lot of beer you kind of get like that man boobs type of thing? That guy looks like he’s got some boobs. Well, a lot of that is because of the estrogenic properties of beer.

A lot of hops that are used in the beer have been tested for breast cancer in research and is used to treat breast cancer. So if you don’t want to have those men boobies then make sure you cut and try to cut down.

Eliminate Soy.

You don’t want to have too much soy in your diet. It has a high estrogenic property.

Have sex more to boost testosterone.

The more times you can actually have sex the greater your desire for sex and the more often you’re actually gonna want to have sex. If you actually start having sex more you don’t want it more which helps increase your testosterone levels. So it helps in maintaining a healthy BMI.

We getting closer to summertime.  We lose vitamin D which plays a huge part in testosterone production in your body. So get rotten and do your workouts outside to boost testosterone.

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