Bollywood Actors With Best Six Pack Abs

Everyone in Bollywood seems to be putting on muscle. Having an aesthetic body is must, aside from talent and other usual stuff.

These stars are always thriving for the perfect body. While every actor has somewhat achieved the perfect body , here are some of the actors who took it to the next level.


Hritik Roshan

Known as the Greek God,  Hrithik Roshan is famous for his sculpted body.


Tiger Sheroff

Tiger’s love for fitness started at a very tender age when he was just fifteen years old. At that age, he was embarrassed by his 5 feet 3 inches stature and bony physique and wanted to improve his vital stats. His concern led him to pour over men’s health magazines from where he discovered all about strength training and joined a gym. Under the guidance of a trainer at the fitness centre, he started weight lifting workouts that were appropriate for his age.


Arjun Rampal


If there is one thing Arjun Rampal is well-known for in bollywood, it’s his suave look with ripped muscles and a neatly sculpted physique. Arjun Rampal, the 42 year old actor still projects a lean muscular body and is known as the Greek God of Bollywood.


Ranveer Singh


Ranveer does not believe in skipping his workout sessions, come what may. He believes that you must work out and train every day, without slacking. This will help your body get used to your routine so that you can begin a full-fledged workout. Ranveer believes in high-intensity training. His daily workout includes 2 sessions of one and half hour each.


John Abraham


The ecto-mesomorph star prefers to eat both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods. Apart from it, he likes to eat fruits, egg whites and fish. Since, the actor has powerful muscular body and burn around 4000 to 5000 calories every day, therefore, he has to depend heavily upon eggs, fish and chicken. He also likes to prefer protein supplement and multi-vitamin tablets. To have a envious physique, he amalgam 60% diet and 40% workout.


Sonu Sood


Sonu Sood workout routine routine has been strictly planned to maintain his enviable physique, and he workouts regularly without missing a single day. He also follows a strict diet routine to maintain his body.


Shahid Kapoor


Shahid hits the gym six days a week and follows a rigorous workout regime exercising each of his body parts. This helps him in keeping the body fat minimum and maintaining a ripped physique. As instructed by his fitness trainer Abbas Ali, Shahid does a mix of cardio exercises and strength training. In addition to weight training, Shahid also practices swimming, yoga, running on a treadmill, and martial arts

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