Best Phones Your Grandparents Must Have This 2021

Cellphones are not just for youngsters. The older generation, your grandparents or parents, for example, deserve to experience the convenience of having a mobile phone, too. But due to the fast-paced innovations and technology, sometimes our seniors can’t keep up.

Most smartphone models, especially the latest ones, are simply not built for them. The user experience in these models simply favors the younger generation more.

Fortunately, other tech moguls out there still produce cell phones that can really help our older folks a lot. Whether it’s for communicating with their grandkids and friends, or for simply passing the time, senior mobile phones can be a game-changer for them.

So if you’re planning to give them something during your visit, below are the best phones that you can buy online.

Keypad Phones

Keypad Phones

Keypad phones are like the iPhones of your grandparent’s generation. Back then, Nokia was the standard of all cellphone brands. For those who had owned a keypad phone at least once, they know what we’re talking about.

These keypad phones are power efficient, indestructible, and most importantly, they work. The nice beeps and tunes when you type are only a bonus.

Good thing, the Alcatel 3080 or Nokia 220 are still around to let you experience such little joyful things. But make no mistake, these models are more than just nostalgic pieces. They’re extremely functional and come with the basic features that your senior parents need: messaging, calling, and basic browsing.

While keypad phones are a thing of the past, that doesn’t mean these models can’t keep up to today’s standards. Take the Alcatel 3080 for example. It’s 4G capable and can hold 32GB of data. It also runs smoothly on a 1530 mAh battery. Not bad, especially if nan and pop will just use it primarily for communication.

Flip Phones

Flip Phones

Flip phones are a little more advanced than keypad phones. Besides their “flipping” capabilities, these phones can do more things than a regular keypad phone.

Just take a look at the Telstra Flip 3. It’s 4G capable, powered by a 1600mAh battery, and surprisingly, it can connect you to a Wi-Fi hotspot! In addition to that, it has larger keys and a decent display screen for a more efficient experience.

Your parents and grandparents will certainly love the Flip 3 not only for its nostalgic charm but also for its capabilities. This model is the living proof that flip phones are here to stay!



You might be surprised why smartphones are included. Well, it’s true that the technology on the latest smartphones favors the younger generation. Because they’re more up to date in the latest trends on tech. But there are some older folks who can easily navigate the smartphones. As long as the fonts are set to the largest size.

In addition to that, there are smartphones that are much simpler to use and have larger screens and other features which older folks can use. For example, the iPhone XR.

This iPhone model has a decent battery, a large buttery smooth display, and it’s lightweight. Most importantly, it has facial recognition tech. This way, your grandparents don’t have to remember their passwords just to secure their phones!

These are the three types of senior mobile phones that you can buy for the seniors in the family. But before buying them, make sure to know first their preferences. Your granddad might like a simpler one like the flip phone just for the sole purpose of calling. While your granny might love to set up an IG account, so a smartphone might be more fitting.

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