The Best Luxury RV Options For Sale!

Do you and your family want to take a cross-country road trip but don’t want to stay in dingy motels and crowded hotels? Instead, why not take the accommodation on wheels with you? Use a rolling house so you can have flexibility, versatility, and spontaneity to drive and go wherever you want on your next vacation!

Looking for a luxury RV? Try one of these options!

Bowlus endless highways RV


Are you looking for the perfect luxury RV for you and your family to escape this summer? If you are planning a cross-country road trip, you need to ensure you have the best of the best when it comes to comfort, amenities, and quality. Fortunately for you, we have found the Bowlus Endless Highways RV to be a great value for the money.

Staring at $240,000, this RV is not for the faint of heart, and you will want to add in the cost of those all-important Best RV Extended Warranty Rates to that figure too – or for those who keep a close eye on their wallet! This RV, albeit expensive, is stylish, aesthetic, durable, long-lasting, and one of the best on the market. With a 26’ length, the capacity to sleep four people, the capacity to have four people dine at the same time, and weighing 3,200 pounds, this RV is a good option for a family or group of friends.

If you are eco-friendly, you will love the Bowlus Endless Highways! The inverter uses 3,000W, while the phosphate system is now usable for two weeks of use in the off-grid territory. Nervous about not being able to power your kitchen for dinner at night? Don’t worry – this system charges in just 3-4 hours, meaning you don’t have to worry about running out of power almost ever!

The interior of this RV features LED lighting, large side windows, commercial flooring, an L-track cargo system, ceiling vents, wood sealing, battery management systems, the ability to run off battery for 16 hours, and real wood walls.

Marchi Mobile eleMMent Palazzo Superior

The next option for Luxury RV is one of the most luxurious we have ever seen – and is sure to get you noticed on the highway. Resembling something more like a spaceship, this luxury RV has a massive lounge area to hang out in after a long day of exploring, modern kitchen appliances, a king-size bed in the master bedroom, a dressing table, and a sky roof on top of the RV for sunny days.

Newmar King Air

Resembling a traditional RV style, this luxury RV is known for its luxurious amenities and spacious interior. Complete with numerous seating options for big groups to travel in style, this luxury RV has multiple bathrooms, a spacious king bedroom, wardrobe space, and outdoor awnings for rainy days.

Prevost H3-45 VIP

Looking like a massive tour bus for a band or a professional sports team, this luxury RV is built with size and space in mind. Instead of a smaller option for a family, this luxury RV is made for huge groups and parties! With a high ceiling, nearly 480 cubic feet, and various floor plans to work with your needs, this luxury RV is highly customizable.

Newell Coach p50

This luxury RV option is fairly new on the market – and is taking the RV world by storm. Featuring a big living area, ample floor space, spacious dining areas, comfortable sitting areas for lounging around, modern and new kitchen appliances, multiple bathrooms, and a full-size master bedroom, this luxury RV also is known for its spacious storage space.

Marathon Coach #1300

The last luxury RV option that we think is suitable for people who spend a lot of time in their mobile homes is the Marathon Coach #1300. This luxury RV is top of the line and offers complete personalization and customization of the specifications inside and outside to give you exactly what you’re looking for!


If you are in the market for a luxury RV, consider one of these aforementioned options that provide plenty of space, amenities, floor space, and appliances to help you live a comfortable life or enjoy a yearly vacation! For those who do not have a budgetary concern, these luxury RVs all offer some of the best accommodation options for people who are on the go. Choose between the Newell Coach, Marathon Coach, Newmar, Prevost, Marchi, or Bowlus for your next luxury RV purchase!

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