The 18 Best Google Chrome Extensions

Chrome extensions can be used in chromium-based browsers like Vivaldi and Opera. Meaning that every extension I’ll be mentioning in this article can also be installed and used in Opera and Vivaldi.

These extensions will save you time, increase your security, save you money, and above all make your browsing experience more enjoyable.

Here are the 18 best Google Chrome Extensions you need to download right now.



The icebox was created by the comparison site and it promises to stop impulse purchases. This plugin replaces the Buy button found on over the purchases for a predefined period of time forcing you to ask yourself just
this question. Do you really need this? and giving you a predefined time to answer.

When it’s time and you’ve made a decision, it will then let you place the order if not, you can just let it go and Icebox would have potentially saved you money and will keep records of how much money it will save you whilst using it.



Ready to take your productivity to the next level? Ultidash is a powerful dashboard pack with all the tools anyone will need to be productive. Ultidash replaces every new tab you open with very handy tools. Here’s what you’ll find with Ultidash.

  • A to-do list in various customizable formats.
  • A site blocker to manage your distractions.
  • A timer to keep you focused and track your daily productivity goals.
  • A site tracker to measure how you spend your time on the web.
  • A Gmail icon displaying the number of unread emails. Stunning backgrounds changing depending on the time of the day or you can upload your own.
  • Customizable design with time, date, search, bookmarks, calendar, events, and weather forecast.

HTTPS EverywhereHttps everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere automatically encrypts and switches thousands of sites from insecure HTTP to secure HTTPS and will protect you against many forms of surveillance, account hijacking, and some forms of censorship.

Before logging in or filling in your bank details on any website, make sure the site is secured by checking the URL and making sure it’s having HTTPS.



Grammarly would make sure messages, documents, and social media posts are mistake-free. adding Grammarly to Chrome means that your spelling and grammar will be vetted nearly everywhere you write on the web.

When typing, you can click on the Grammarly logo which appears below to send the text to Grammarly for a clearer view of vetting or see statistics of your text.

Ears Audi Toolkit

ears audio toolkit

Ears will EQ any audio you find on the web, life! Crank the bass, dim the highs, and up the vocals. With ears audio toolkit you can alter the EQ of any or all tabs at the same time. Just navigate to any website with audio, open Ears
then drag the dots to raise or lower the filters.  After configuring the Ears Audio toolkit to your choice, you can then save it for later reuse.

Data Saver

Data saver

Looking to save data? Data saver is an extension created by Google to reduce data by using Google servers to optimize and compress pages you visit before downloading them offering you the ability to browse more for less.



No matter what environment you find yourself whether it is too loud or too quiet, with Noisli you can create and listen to your fantastic background noise and color generator which ends up making you focus or relax. Noisli has loads of online soothing ambiance sounds like white noise, rain, coffee-shop and more. After configuring Noisli to your liking, you can save it for later reuse.

Poper Blocker

Poper blocker

If you want to improve your experience on the web by blocking pop-ups or pop-unders and overlays in an easy and effective way without interfering on all sites, Poper blocker is the number one go-to since it uses unobtrusive notifications to let you know when a popup has been blocked and is very easy on your CPU memory and work side by side with any ad-blocker. You can also view blocked content and blog history.



Is Chrome taking up all your system memory? With OneTab you can save up more memory and reduce tab clutter whenever you find yourself with too many tabs, click the OneTab icon to convert all your tabs into a list.

When you need to assess the tabs again, you can either restore them individually or all at once. You can even use OneTab as a panic button if you don’t want anyone seeing your opened tabs immediately they walk in.

Smart tab mute

smart tab mute

Let’s say you are listening to a YouTube playlist and you open a new tab that also has another music playing, instead of one tab pausing or muting, they both play together causing chaos.

I’m surprised Google Chrome doesn’t already have this feature baked in but with Smart Tab Mute installed, it will always ensure that the current tab always plays sounds and mutes the rest.

Magic Actions For Youtube

Magic actions for youtube

Magic Actions for YouTube is a lightweight and very useful extension designed for YouTube. Its purpose is to enhance your YouTube watching experience by offering new stuff like Cinema Mode, Mouse wheel volume control, AutoHD, Expanded views, and Snapshots.

Magic Actions is very easy to use. The AutoCAD feature makes sure that all YouTube videos play in what you ask them to. If you have a slow internet speed or little data, you can benefit from auto Hd by turning yours down. Instant control over volume by scrolling the mouse wheel.

Cinema mode gets the whole page shaded with just a clip to experience the feels of a movie theatre and another click
takes you back to how it was.

One-click to take a snapshot from a playing video and save them as a PNG or jpg. A cool day or night toggle switch to browse Youtube in black or white.



Nimbus is a screen capture and screen recorder extension which is very useful. Do you want to capture a full webpage either part of it or the whole browser window, edit your screenshots in a very user-friendly interface, or even record video from your screen? Nimbus can very much be what you’re looking for.

The Camelizer

The camelizer

Another shopping extension that will get you the very best deal on Amazon. The Camelizer will show you the price history of any product or visit on Amazon by just hitting The Camelizer button if you want to purchase an item on Amazon.

This extension can help you make a good decision as to when its prices will surge or decrease by price alerts and
notifications if you want. The Camelizer only works in the UK, US, Canada, China, France, Italy, and lastly Spain.

Vidyard GoVideo

Vidyard Govideo

Vidyard Govideo records your screen, share your videos and track who’s watching them. It breaks down the communication barriers by allowing you to simply communicate with anyone through video.

Vidyard Govideo is free, records HD quality videos and optimizes video to playback on any device and screen size, and lastly offers unlimited storage. To make this as easy as talking to a friend, Vidyard Govideo offers a one-click screen recording, easy video sharing in email and social, and even notifications when people watch your videos.

Autotext Expander

Autotext expander creates custom keyboard shortcuts to expand and replace texts as you type.  Ever get tired of typing out long email addresses, phrases you frequently use, or just looking to save keystrokes as you type, well Autotext expander solves that.

This free extension adds basic JavaScript to your pages to check if your last set of consecutive keystrokes matches any of the custom shortcuts you have defined and expands to replace the text as you type saving you time and typos.

Turn Off The Lights

Turn off the lights chrome

Wanting to give your browser a home-theatre look when watching a movie? With Turn off the lights installed and with a single click on the lamp button, you would have the chance of just that.

There are several options to configure so you can customize it to suit your needs. When Turn off the lights activates, the page will fade to dark and automatically help your eyes focus on the video.


Additor helps you to bookmark, highlight, annotate and curate anything including articles, blogs, PDFs, and video. It is a minimal and functional bookmark and highlighter, from YouTube to PDF you can easily save, organize and share contents.

For PDF files we recommend Sodapdf as it is the most powerful PDF tool.



Minetblock is an efficient browser extension that focuses on blocking web-based cryptocurrency all over the web.
MinerBlock uses two different approaches to block – the first is based on blocking requests or scripts loaded from a list of blacklisted domains and the second is by detecting potential mining behavior inside loaded scripts and
killing it immediately.

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