Best Dress Watches For A “Night Out” For Men

The definition of a night out is open to interpretation. It could mean a night out in the town, or it could just mean a casual dinner.

Whatever you consider a night out to be, make sure that you’ve got a luxury watch to match your outfit.

What should I be considering when choosing a watch to wear on a Night out?

There are a few different factors you can take into consideration when choosing a watch to wear on a night out. The most obvious one is as to where you’re planning on wearing the watch. Think about the crowd of people who are likely to be in attendance, and what they will be wearing.

The next thing to think about is the impression that you’re trying to make, a watch with a leather strap and a sturdy design will leave a different impression than a watch with a metal strap.

So think about how you want your outfit and watch to be interpreted. Finally, think about whether you need a watch that has a light or luminous aspect to it.

You’ll probably need to read the time on your watch in the dark, so think about the environment you’re going into, and whether you’ll need a watch with a backlight.

What are the best luxury dress watches?

A guy wearing a dress watch

There are so many different watches on the market right now, it can be hard to choose when you’ve got so many options. So, here are some of the luxury watches that we think are perfect for any night out.

Option 1: Rolex Submariner

Although the Rolex Datejust may be assumed as the dressier watch of the two, the Submariner is also a dressy-looking watch too. The Rolex Submariner is one of the most versatile watches on the market, it can be worn with a t-shirt and jeans, but it can also be worn with a suit and a nice shirt cuff.

Some watch enthusiasts may argue that the Submariner is not a dress watch as it was originally a diving watch. However, if James Bond can wear a Rolex Submariner as a dress watch, then so can you.

Option 2: Patek Philippe Calatrava

This Patek Philippe watch is the epitome of what a dress watch should be. The Calatrava watch was created in 1932 and boasts an extremely simple, but staple design and this is why it’s remained at the heart of Patek Philippe’s collections for over 85 years.

Although this timepiece is on the more expensive side of things, it’s definitely justified due to its manually wound movement which can give enough power to last a whopping 44 hours. The dial itself features gold hour markers, hands, and seconds counter, which can complement your other gold jewelry really well.

Option 3: Omega De Ville Prestige

Speaking of James Bond, Omega is a brand that is often associated with the fictional character because of the number of times Mr 007 himself has been caught wearing an Omega timepiece. The De Ville Prestige watch is minimalistic, especially on the dial.

That doesn’t mean that this watch is missing any key features though. The De Ville Prestige has a date indicator and seconds sub-dial on the face but still manages to achieve that clean look.

Option 4: Cartier Tank Américaine

Cartier’s Tank Américaine is a watch that doesn’t fit into the traditional watch norms. For a start, it does not have a circle dial, instead, Cartier opted for an elongated rectangular shape for their dressier timepiece.

This watch is currently in revival, but it’s slowly becoming one of Cartier’s most popular watches. If you’re looking to wear something different for your night out, then this may be the timepiece for you.

What makes a ‘Night Out’ watch different from a daytime watch?

Ultimately, nowadays there are a lot of watches on the market which are versatile and can be worn in most environments.

Most people choose to have a few different watches, for example, one for the day and one for the night, to prevent them from getting bored of wearing the same watch all the time. It’s nice to have a change every so often, which is why it can be fun to switch up your watches depending on your nights out.

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