Benefits Of Owning Property In Ciudad Quesada, Spain

Until recently, Ciudad Quesada was a small settlement, and today it is a town with 15 thousand inhabitants, 75% of whom are foreigners. Property for sale in Ciudad Quesada has long been very attractive to wealthy people from all over the world, in particular from the UK, Germany, France, and Scandinavia.

It is believed that the mild climate of Ciudad Quesada is the best on the entire Spanish Mediterranean coast. 330 days of sunshine a year guarantee a long beach season from April to the end of October.

The peculiarity of local real estate is that there are practically no buildings with more than two floors, there are few apartments, there is a small number of townhouses, and mostly you will find detached cottages, chalets, and luxury villas. Since Ciudad Quesada is located on a hill, you can see the sea from almost every house.

Characteristics of the real estate purchase process

All properties for sale in Ciudad Quesada consist of two arrays: new builds and resale properties. Each has its own advantages.

Advantages of new construction:

  • Property “from scratch”;
  • New communications;
  • The new modern infrastructure of the residential complex;
  • Attractive promotions and discounts from the developer;
  • Possible participation in the planning of premises.

Advantages of the resale market:

  • The opportunity to see the property for yourself and immediately move in;
  • The property is often fully furnished and equipped with household appliances;
  • Developed infrastructure of the adjacent territory.

Property prices for sale in Ciudad Quesada are quite attractive. So, a two-bedroom apartment can be purchased for €90,000, and a two-story townhouse for €150,000.

Clients with higher incomes prefer buying comfortable villas. For €545,000 you can buy a villa with an area of 364 sq. m with a large complex of various amenities: the villa is fully furnished, has a swimming pool, gym, solarium, sauna, large terrace, garden, fireplace, barbecue, and wine cellar.

On average, the price of one meter of residential property is €2,500.

How to make a purchase of the property in Ciudad Quesada

Today, one should not worry that this type of transaction must necessarily cause certain difficulties. The whole procedure is clearly worked out and almost anyone can make a purchase of the desired property. To do this, you need to do the following:

  1. Carefully study the local real estate market and choose the property of interest;
  2. To be able to pay for the purchase and make all necessary payments, you must open an account with a Spanish bank;
  3. You need to obtain an identification number of a foreigner (Número de Identificación de Extranjero, NIE) in order to be able to conduct any financial transaction in Spain;
  4. In order to make a reservation of a property, it is necessary to conclude a preliminary agreement and make an advance payment, as a rule, in the amount of 10% of the value of the property;
  5. Make all necessary payments;
  6. Sign the main contract of sale;
  7. Transfer of ownership.

If nevertheless, you do not feel like doing all this on your own, then you can easily entrust the whole process to a specialized agency and real estate for sale in Ciudad Quesada will be presented to you in full. Agency managers will help you at all stages: they will give legal and financial advice, help with opening an account and obtaining an NIE, and take part in the preparation and signing of the contract.

In addition, real estate agencies provide other services: meeting a client at the airport, providing housing for the duration of the purchase process, assistance in transporting your possessions, etc.

Being the owner of a cottage or villa in a thriving resort on the Mediterranean coast of Spain is a real pleasure. Beach holidays, active sports, evening entertainment, and just walking along the streets of Ciudad Quesada will prove that you have made the right decision.

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