The Benefits Of Joining A Photography Community

As a professional photographer or an enthusiastic amateur, the chances are that someone loving your photo enough to use it for their business will give you a buzz. But what happens if you’re not getting the traction you’d like when trying to sell your images?

This can be frustrating, and you may not know how to improve your ability to sell your photos, or even if they’re what people are looking for. It can be pretty relentless promoting your photography through Facebook, Twitter, and for the more serious a website or blog, especially when the time could be spent out and about taking more photos.

One way in which you could get feedback on what you’re doing right (and wrong!) is by joining a photography community, and there are plenty of other benefits you could reap by joining sites like ClickASnap, where like-minded photographers have formed alliances and help each other get the best out of their work.

Photo Storage

Can you upload and store as many of your images as you want? Most photo-sharing communities have unlimited storage options, but some come at a premium so do be careful when searching. There are some gems out there, especially in the newer sites that offer unlimited storage without a fee. As an amateur or professional they can help you organize your photos so you could easily upload more of your work.

A photographer in the open

Tricks and Tips

You can never know it all, so why not use others to help. Through a photography community, you can get tips to help you understand and use your camera or equipment better and tricks to overcome hurdles that have you stumped. Learning from community members can save you many hours fiddling with your camera or searching online for answers.


Joining an online sharing photography community will get your images in front of a dedicated group of people with a love of photography.  When businesses require images for their media but don’t want to shoot them themselves, they often turn to photo-sharing communities to source images. Often they will pay money if they like an image.  If your style or image fits their needs, it matters not whether you are an amateur or professional, you could still reap the benefits. They could even commission you for further work.

Making Money

Photo sharing and community platforms, such as offer the potential to make a little money. They pay you if your image is viewed (subject to minimum amounts), it doesn’t need to be purchased, just viewed by one of the many users visiting. There are other photo-sharing sites that will pay when your image is downloaded or the rights to use are purchased also.


Constructive criticism is useful, so don’t be afraid to share. People will give you feedback and only you can choose whether to accept or ignore it. You may even find that people love your work, or their comments help your composition or lighting, allowing you to look at things differently and help you grow as a photographer.

Advice and Recommendations

The forums and blogs which form part of online photo sharing communities is a great place for advice on using equipment and for helping with decisions on purchasing new items.  It can be the best place to get an independent unbiased opinion on the pros and cons of the many different things to buy.  Who knows you may find your work picks up a recommendation too.

Merchandise Sales

Hand in hand with photography for many goes the merchandising of items bearing their images, so you will find many great items offered for sale by photographers. Whether you are looking to sell or buy there is often a shop option available.

Whether you’re a professional photographer or a budding amateur there is a lot to be gained by joining a photography community. Why not start looking for one that helps you build your knowledge and client base at the same time. It could be invaluable to your bottom line!

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