How Your Beliefs Shape Your Life And Actions

Whatever your beliefs are, they shape your life, actions, and experiences because what we believe in life affects absolutely everything that happens to us. If we wake up in the morning and we believe the sun is not going to come up or that there would not be food on the table or that just disaster lies ahead then chances are that we will live our lives in a very, very different way.

Compare this to waking up in the morning believing that our efforts do make – have an effect on our lives and the lives of those around us.

If we wake up in the morning feeling that we have a purpose, the quality of our life is different. So what we believe is fundamentally important to the quality of our lives and also the experiences we draw into our lives.

Now, Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

So what Henry Ford is saying here is that our beliefs determine everything.

If we believe we can achieve something, chances are that we will be able to achieve it. If we believe at the onset that we can’t achieve anything then we’re prevented from doing so.

It’s important to understand the nature of our beliefs. The nature of how those beliefs are restricting our lives and how they are holding us back.

It’s important to look and see the beliefs that we have in our lives that are progressing our lives. Those are empowering beliefs because we all have a mixture of both positive and negative beliefs.

And this is really – these beliefs that we have are – they are formed through our conditioning, through painful experiences that we’ve had in the past and pleasant experiences, the media advertising.

We’re bombarded from angles during our lives by messages, a lot of which we start to believe even though they may not be true. And this is the thing about belief. Our beliefs in something can be correct. They can be true or they may not be true at all.

This is important to understand this. Our current beliefs may be holding us back. And if we look out into the world, all the problems in the world that we see, all the big problems. The wars going on, are the results of people’s beliefs.

But on the other hand, belief can create amazing changes, amazing positive changes in the world. So it depends on whether a large number of people have empowering beliefs or disempowering beliefs.

The difference between how that grouping of people, and how their lives move forward can be phenomenally different depending on the beliefs that we carry.

This was illustrated very clearly, the power of belief, in an experiment that was conducted many years ago and you probably heard of the Pepsi Challenge.

This is an experiment that took place.

The purpose of this experiment was to understand more clearly the nature of belief and how it affects our decisions and our preferences in life.

People, a large number of people were blindfolded, and two glasses were put in front of them. One with Coca-Cola and the other with Pepsi. By far, the majority of these people who were blindfolded chose Pepsi as their preference.


That’s what their taste buds were telling them. This is what the pleasure centers in their brain. They were being stimulated more by Pepsi than Coca-Cola.

But then they repeated the same experiment but with eyes wide open. So blindfolds were taken away.

It was a different grouping of people I believe and the same experiment was repeated. Overwhelmingly, people who took that chose Coca-Cola as their preference.

Now, why the difference between blindfolded and not blindfolded?

Well, it shows clearly that advertising and branding actually can be so powerful. It can overwrite or counterbalance our physical senses.

Belief is more powerful than our physical senses.

That’s phenomenal.

But there have been other experiments similar to this that have been conducted that showed very similar results.

So our beliefs, the beliefs that drive our lives, it’s really important to look at our beliefs and see if they are holding us
back or if they are empowering us.

So I have three questions for you.

I like you to ask yourself these questions and consider them deeply.

How are your own beliefs shaping your circumstances?

How are your own beliefs shaping your current circumstances?

Also, how are you going to overcome your negative beliefs?

Because I assure you, as human beings, we all have these negative beliefs that we carry within ourselves that do hold us back. That voice within us tells us that we’re not good enough. It tells us that we tried before and failed. That’s we’re not worthy, we’re not capable.

We all have these negative beliefs. And I think if we get inside the mind of most human beings, there’s an awful lot of this negativity going on, probably more than positivity.

So my second question for you.

How are you going to overcome your current negative restricting beliefs?

Because they sabotage all your chances of success.

And thirdly, what are you going to do to create beliefs that are empowering and that lead your life forward?

These three questions if you take the time to consider them can have a great impact on your life. They will enable you to make major changes, transform your life, and propel your life forward in a wonderful new direction because I’m firmly convinced that as human beings, we can achieve anything that we want in our lives. Absolutely anything.

But the first step that we need to look at is what are our current beliefs and what beliefs, new beliefs we need to introduce that can move us towards our goals more quickly.

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