Beauty In The Backyard: Using Slabs For Style

Style isn’t always about what you wear and how you present yourself. Some of your lifestyle choices can also be important.

Within this, you may want to consider the appearance of your backyard, as well as how you use the space.

Rather than sticking to just green grass and a few plants, you may want to think about how slabs can be laid out to create patterns, or even serve a purpose in your garden.

Altering your backyard may make you want to spend more time enjoying days outdoors, especially if the area fits with your personal aesthetic.

Laying a single slabbed area

One option that many people use can be to have a large portion of the yard covered in slabs. This can allow you to set up a barbecue, or even have seating areas that can be used in a variety of weather conditions.

Starting off by laying slabs on sand can be a good idea, especially if you want them to be level. Different types of sand may be required, both for the base and spacing around each slab. Measuring out the area you want to cover, and then figuring out the size of slabs and the number you will need, can help you to minimize the number of trips to the builder’s yard. For an excessively large yard, it may be more beneficial to order slabs with inclusive delivery.

Stone pathways

Stone pathways

You don’t need to keep your slabs in a single area. Some people may prefer to keep their lawn, rather than add a large patio. If this is the case, you might want to consider installing a stepping stone pathway throughout the lawn.

This can allow you to get to different areas of the garden, especially during wet weather where you may not want to step on the grass.

One of the benefits of these pathways is that they may not need to be uniform, meaning less measuring and aligning may be required from you. However, you may still need attention to detail so that they are all the same height, and that it is easy for you to step from one to the next.

Edging and borders

Slabs may not always need to be stood on. You could put down small slabs to create a border effect, whether that be next to your driveway, around the edges of your land, or even to separate planted areas from your lawn.

Using smaller slabs can help to take up less overall space in your yard, as well as allow you to create shapes better suited to the areas you want to border. Setting these in a little from dug-out sections may help them to sit better and give them more support.

Using slabs can really help to transform an outdoor space. They come in different colors and styles, meaning you might be able to find a set that suits the look you have in mind. Knowing that it is possible to lay slabs yourself can be great for those who want high results with lower costs.

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