Basic White T-Shirt Guide For Men: Basic Fashion Essentials

All of you have a plain white T-shirt. It is one of the basic must-have t-shirts. You can wear it at college, school, at the gym, and even wear it at parties. A basic white T-shirt is something you can never go wrong it. You can wear it with jeans, with chinos, with flannel, and with a sports coat or blazer.

Here are 4 styles in which you can rock that basic white T-shirt.

1. Plain white T-shirt with blue jeans

It doesn’t get any easier than this and it looks really good. It’s so simple in fact that you will never be mistaken for a try-hard. Drop some basic high-top Converse with this outfit it’s cool, clean, and casual and can never go wrong.

2. Basic white tee tucked into chinos

It’s the perfect semi-formal look. You can wear it to most parties and you could probably get away with this at any restaurant that has a dress code. It gives off a positive vibe and all in all is just cool clean, and classy.

3. The white T-shirt, jeans, and a flannel

This outfit is perfect for a casual setting. Flannel is huge right now it’s totally in style so this is super stylish. Everybody loves it. You could wear this to school running errands and basically any other social gathering setting. Sometimes it gets a little toasty under that flannel, so I recommend ripping that thing off and tying it around your waist.

4. White t-shirt with a blazer or a sports coat

This is perfect for a slightly more formal setting. I recommend pairing it with some black jeans or chinos pair it with some higher-end shoes like some wingtip dress shoes or Chelsea boots.

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