Attractive Things Women Love To See Men Wear

Women love it when men dress well. Having a good sense of dressing is one of the points women look for in men.

You want to dress sharp each and every day so that you look your best.

Here are some of the things Men wear that Women love.

old spice attractive men
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Go out there and find a fragrance that works for you. You want to basically be discovered with your fragrance.

You don’t want to walk into the room and announce your fragrance does it for you.

This is important because women are more attuned and can basically smell better than men.

mens watch attractive things women find in men


What defines a nice watch?

A leather strap, you want something that actually has a very simple timeless face. Maybe a minimalist design, something in gold or silver. The color that you want to choose oftentimes should reflect your personality.

What a watch symbolizes is that you show up on time. You actually have a bit of style.

Just because you have a smartphone in your pocket doesn’t mean that you don’t need to wear a watch.


suit women find attractive

A well-fitted suit

It just looks good. It’s going to build up your shoulders it’s going to basically trim up your waist. It’s going to make your hands look bigger. All of these things make you appear to be more masculine.

Women want to naturally partner with someone who looks masculine. It complements them. It shows that basically, you’ve got a healthy dose of testosterone.

When you think of a man in the suit you think of someone that has reached levels of success. That has a job that has a future all these things.

She’s going to use this as an instant indicator that you have status and that you basically are masculine and what she’s looking for.

boxer briefs women find sexy

Boxer Briefs

Women love boxer briefs on men.

Have something that fits well.

If you take care of your body it’s just going to look great on you.

If you don’t really take care of your body then maybe go to boxers but when it comes down to it guys this is what the ladies prefer.

Things Women Love To See Men Wear

Nice fitted jeans

Most men are wearing jeans that are too big for them.

Try sizing down and I’m not talking about cutting off the circulation or go in skinny jeans.

Don’t need to wear extra baggy jeans so size down or perhaps try a different type of fit that’s going to complement your build.

shoe men style

Stylish Footwear

Women check out your shoes.

There’s no way around it. They love shoes and they’re gonna look at yours.

So you might as well step your shoe game up and get compliments.


cashmere sweatersmen style women like

Cashmere sweaters

Women love cashmere sweaters most of all they love to touch them. If you’re wanting to get close to a woman you want to break down that barrier where she tells when she touches you.

Women are drawn texture, Shall she see you wearing this sweater and she will come up and she’ll wanna touch it.

Dental Caredental care men

Women love a great smile and they require fresh breath. You want to get your mouth close to hers. She is gonna look at your mouth. she’s going to look at your teeth.

You can get away with a lot but if you’ve got really bad scary-looking teeth it is something to look into

If you’ve got bad breath she is not going to want to get close to you. So, use mints but more importantly drink water.

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