Are You Polyamorous? Take Our Quiz To Find Out

There are those for whom traditional monogamy comes extremely naturally, and then there are the folks who’ve struggled with it for as long as they can remember.

For those people, something has just never added up or clicked for them about the notion of being with just one person at a time, especially over an entire lifetime.

After years of guilt for not feeling the same way others apparently do about monogamy, everything changes the day they first hear about polyamory.

Are you curious about whether you have an open personality that aligns with polyamory? Our polyamory relationship test is designed to help you understand your relationship preferences.

This quiz can reveal a lot about your attitudes toward love and commitment, including whether you might be interested in exploring non-monogamous relationships.

Am I Polyamorous Quiz

Question 1:

Do you feel the need to have multiple romantic or sexual relationships at the same time?

Question 2:

Do you enjoy seeing your partner with other people?

Question 3:

Have you ever had feelings for more than one person at the same time?

Question 4:

Do you believe that it’s possible to love more than one person at the same time?

Question 5:

Do you feel jealous when your partner shows affection to someone else?

Question 6:

Do you feel limited or constrained by traditional monogamous relationships?

Question 7:

Do you feel that love is not a finite resource and can be shared with multiple people?

Question 8:

Have you ever been in a polyamorous relationship before?

Question 9:

Do you feel that you have enough love to share with multiple partners?


Do you feel comfortable with the idea of your partner having other partners?

Your result:

Some important information on Polyamorous relationship

Polyamorous TermsInformation
PolyamoryAn alternative relationship style that allows individuals to have multiple romantic relationships simultaneously.
Am I Polyamorous?Take our quiz to explore your romantic preferences and determine if polyamory is right for you.
Finding PartnersPolyamory involves multiple partners, so finding compatible individuals who share your views on relationships is key.
QuizzesOur polyamory quizzes can help you learn more about yourself and navigate the complexities of multiple relationships.
Building RelationshipsPolyamory requires a strong foundation of communication, trust, and mutual respect in order to maintain healthy and fulfilling relationships.
Romantic RelationshipsPolyamorous relationships involve romantic connections with multiple partners, which can be challenging but also highly rewarding.
Reading ResourcesEducating yourself on the principles and practices of polyamory is crucial for successfully navigating this lifestyle.
Navigating Multiple RelationshipsPolyamory can be complex, so learning how to communicate effectively and manage multiple relationships is essential.

Polyamorous people are naturally wired in such a way that they can love more than one person at a time and maintain multiple relationships at once.

Does that sound like you? And if it does, how can you know for sure that you’re polyamorous? The following are some pretty likely signs to consider.

The idea that your love is for only one person doesn’t make sense to you

For much of society, a genuine love connection is total in every possible way. From the minute a person locks eyes with their “soulmate,” none of the other times they thought they were in love are supposed to count anymore.

From that day forward, it’s all about that one person and no one else. And if you ever do develop feelings or an attraction for someone else, then that’s proof that you never genuinely loved your partner.

If you’re polyamorous, this entire narrative just doesn’t scan. Perhaps you’ve always felt like you have the ability to love more than one person at a time.

Or maybe you don’t see love as limited in this way, instead believing that the love you give one person has no bearing on your capacity to love someone else.

The idea of lifelong monogamy makes you anxious

Most polyamorous people simply can’t picture themselves with just one person for the entire rest of their lives. And it has nothing to do with how they might feel about their current partner.

They could very much want to spend their life with that person. However, they don’t understand why that has to mean cutting themselves off from the possibility of loving other people someday.

Polyamorous male with 2 girls

Many worry that they’re bad people or perhaps just bad at relationships. And they may think this despite being incredibly loving people who treat their partners like gold. But it’s a lot more likely that they’re simply polyamorous.

You’re unbothered by the idea of your partner being with other people

In a society where “real” love doesn’t leave any room at all for other people, jealousy is seen as a must, should your partner ever so much as think about being with someone else. Remember, in a monogamous world, that’s a sign that they don’t really love you, aren’t emotionally mature, or simply aren’t cut out for relationships.

But when you’re polyamorous, it seems ridiculous to view things that way. Polyamorous people don’t see why their partner loving someone else or exploring other people means they’re any less invested in them.

They may even be a bit turned on by the idea of their partner with other people or feel a sense of relief that they don’t have to try to be someone’s “everything.”Sharing your polyamorous dating lifestyle can be very liberating.

You see evidence that you have a lot of love to give elsewhere in your life

The general idea behind polyamory doesn’t limit itself to sex and romance as far as how it can manifest in a person’s life.

Most polyamorous can look at other areas of their lives and see where they have the same “unlimited” approach toward love and connection.

For example, many polyamorous people don’t necessarily have best friends. Or alternatively, they may have many people in their lives whom they’d describe as best friends, and they have no real preference for one of those people over the others. They don’t typically have a favorite parent, a favorite child, or a favorite coworker, either.

You feel people are too complex for any one individual to meet all their needs

Most polyamorous people see themselves as complex people with numerous sides to who they are.

They may see it as unlikely that any one person could possibly meet all of their needs and unfair to expect anyone to try. Attempting to run a relationship that way may feel like a losing battle.

Meanwhile, the idea of exploring different sides of themselves with other people feels exciting and “correct” somehow. They love the idea of having one person to explore with, another to relax and be still with, and so forth.

So, if any of the above sounds in step with how you tend to feel about relationships, love, and sex, it might be time to consider the possibility that maybe you’re not emotionally immature or bad at relationships. It could be that you’re polyamorous, and monogamy quite literally isn’t right for you.

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