Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Workout? What To Know

When it comes to exercising and working out, the goal is for your output and results to match your input.

Whether you’re focusing on cardio, weight training, or a combination of the two, knowing how to maximize your workouts is key to getting everything your mind and body can out of the experience.

You’ve probably heard the phrase work smarter, not harder, but what exactly does that mean, and can it be applied to exercise?

The short answer is yes. In this article, we explore what it means to work effectively and offer insight into the ways men can make the most out of their sessions so they can continue to see results.

Setting Clear Goals

Going to the gym or working out at home is a great first step, but going forward without a plan won’t likely support your long-term fitness goals.

Certain workouts are often best suited to specific goals, and knowing which workouts will work for you will only help you maximize your efforts.

If you’re looking to build strength and muscle tone, you’ll want to focus on weight training. On the other hand, if endurance is your goal, then focusing on cardio-based exercises is best. Having a plan in place ensures you’re giving 100 percent and the right muscles are being worked.

Don’t Go Above and Beyond

guy working out in gym

Pushing your body farther than it’s ready to go at that time will likely lead you to a plateau, and you may even regress in your progress.

When it comes to weight training, exposing your muscles to weights much heavier than what you’ve been using may lead to intense muscle soreness and even injury.

Instead, make notes about the weights you’ve been able to safely lift and look for smaller increases with each workout, or keep the same weights and try for longer reps.

Refuel Your Body

Whether you’re completing a low or high-intensity workout, your muscles need ample recovery time to reap the full benefits of the exercises. The right amount of post-workout protein can help muscle tissue repair and glycogen replenishment.

Certain products, like Chakra Nutrition boba tea protein, are designed to give men the boost their bodies need after movement, with unique flavors that add something different to that post-workout drink. Adding these whey proteins to an adequate water supply, alongside post-workout carbohydrates, can help bodies recover faster.

Music Before, During & After

Music can have a profound impact on your ability to perform during a workout class or at the gym. The right playlist can help you shift your mindset into one conducive to exercising and can help fuel and push your body even when the mind is tired.

In addition to the typical workout mix, there are significant benefits to post-workout music. A study in the Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology found that people who listened to slow music after their workouts felt better and recovered faster than those who opted for a music-free cooldown. So next time you’ve finished a workout, put on a mix of relaxing songs to help improve your blood pressure and heart rate.

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