Are Modern Men Secretly Waxing Their Bodies?

Male grooming habits have changed massively over the years. This has seen a huge market grow for skin and hair care products aimed at men. The global male grooming products industry was worth $74.8 billion in 2021. This market is expected to see further growth taking its value to $132.73 billion by 2030

In the past, male grooming was far less common and may have consisted mostly of a splash of Old Spice or similar aftershave back in the seventies. Then men started to try out their partners’ moisturizers and other skin care products often in secret. Perhaps, there has always been a market for male grooming products but the demand wasn’t so vocal.

About 84% of males aged between 18 to 44 have some type of skincare routine. But, some male grooming practices are still kept under wraps.

What are the most popular male grooming treatments?

Popular products and treatments for men include hair wax, acne creams, manicures with or without polish, spray tans, and exfoliating. And perhaps not surprisingly with the huge surge of tattoos in recent decades, tattoo removal is in demand for men.

Increasingly, more men are willing to try cosmetics which would traditionally be a no-no. Hair removal is extremely popular, especially with back hair.

And, many men are turning to wax. A talk with reveals a big rise in males seeking Brazilian waxes and other body hair removal treatments.

Why are more men waxing today, and is it a secret?

In 2015, about 90% of people seeking a wax treatment were female. A year later GQ reported that male waxing had grown by 85%.

Brazilians might be something that many men may decline to talk about openly, but Brazilians have been popular with women since the 1980s. While the back and the chest areas are the most common areas to be waxed by men, an increasing number are seeking the full-monty, so to speak.

As more men are open about their grooming habits, the lines between female and male treatments become more blurred, until eventually all it comes down to is self-care and feeling good about one’s self.

male getting ear waxed

The reasons that men are turning to wax treatments

There are probably several male grooming trends you didn’t know about today, and men secretly getting Brazilian’s and other wax treatments. Here are some reasons why waxing is popular with men now.

Hair goes in and out of fashion

The seventies saw chest hair at the height of fashion. Stars such as Sean Connery brought the rugged look to the big screen with James Bond, and body hair was definitely in vogue. However, since then, smooth chests have become more desirable and are often considered more photogenic.

Hygienic reasons

Smooth skin is often seen as more hygienic than hairy bodies, and there is some truth here. Body hair protects the skin from UV light. And body hair provides some level of warmth and protection but is largely a throwback to past times.

Bacteria clings to body hair, and as it breaks down it can create odor. This is why so many people choose to shave their armpits. Therefore waxing body hair may be more hygienic.

Men are more interested in grooming

In the past, men traditionally spent less money and time on personal grooming than females. Now, there are products aimed specifically at men for moisturizing, anti-aging formulas, and hydrating serums.

This is reflected in a graph showing skincare routines by male age groups. The younger generations are much more likely to be using skin care treatments and other grooming products.

For sports performance

Athletes may find improved sports performance through hair removal. Athletes involved in running, cycling, and swimming, can find benefits from hair removal. Typically, hair removal can result in faster times on the track and in the pool.

While waxing is useful here, if someone needs a more permanent type of hair removal then laser treatments might benefit sports people more. However, waxing is more affordable than laser hair removal.

The rise of the couples’ spa

couples’ spa

Another reason why waxing is more popular is that couples are more likely to go to spas together now. Spa treatments are seen as fun things for couples to do together, and this helps to normalize wax treatments for men.


The Brazilian may have started as a way for women to get a hair-free look for the beaches of Rio, but men are seeing the benefit of waxing now too.

Waxing can be used to remove large areas of hair such as the back or chest, and treatments are affordable. There is no reason to be embarrassed about personal care, but if you’re still shy, you can always pretend you’re trying to improve your lap times when getting your legs waxed.

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