Are Bouquets Still A Thing?

Thinking of getting someone a bouquet? Are bouquets still a thing? Well, let’s find out together!

A bouquet is not usually the first thing that comes to your mind. Instead, you would prefer to buy stuff that is awe-inspiring and somehow up to your budget. This will straight away give a smile on your special someone’s face. Obtaining these kinds of presents is not always a trouble-free piece of work.

Since the holidays are around the corner, we tend to forget that the people we care about do not want an expensive gift most of the time. What they would prefer is a personalized, thoughtful gift and your presence. What’s great is you can quickly order a bunch of these lovely bouquets online. Most of the time, some posy flowers and a few knickknacks are always the best choices for the runaround.

Reasons for Giving Bouquets

Giving bouquets is the traditional way to express different emotions or just for the sake of giving. There are several occasions when we feel thankful for several things. There are also times that we convey our messages through flower bouquets and sometimes with gifts. Here are some of the motivations and good reasons for giving bouquets to anybody:

Perfect For Celebrations

There are times that you want to say, “I appreciate you” or “thank you.” Sometimes, you wanted to show how you care but can’t find the right words to express how you feel other than giving gifts such as bouquets. Different types of flowers deliver various messages; that’s why knowing your intentions is always the first step before buying a bouquet.

In Japan, they give bouquets and gifts to almost anybody on any occasion since this is their tradition. Flower bouquets are also provided at social events like anniversaries, birthdates, graduations, and practically just about any happening.

Social duties such as returning from a vacation or returning from a trip are another reason to deliver flowers to acquaintances, friends, or families.

The art of choosing and giving bouquets can be a bit challenging. Picking the type of flower combination and color can show different interpretations to the recipient, depending on who you are giving it to. To get through the tedious process of selecting the perfect bouquet, check out these tips for choosing a bouquet for any occasion

Helps Create a Happy Mood 

Giving bouquets are not just for special occasions as they’re also great for those “Just Because” moments. Bouquets are also the most common alternative to give to someone who is recovering from health issues or grieving for a loss.

Anybody can always distinguish that just by having some flowers around can boost the mood of most people. Analysts have concluded that flowers can help aid mood dispositions and help people manage their emotions.

People feel a spark of uplifting joy when flowers are received. This form of happiness carries on to blossom as the flowers are put up.

Pros of Giving Bouquets

Bouquets are Mostly for Everybody

Bouquets are gifted to anybody for it to be shown around. With this in mind, you can be sure that the person receiving the gift will not be the only happy person in the house or office. They are most likely to decorate and flaunt these beautiful posies. This will give more meaning to the gift and offers a better ambiance for everybody in the place where it is adorned. 

Bouquets are Uncomplicated to Purchase

These days when everything can be done and ordered online, sending bouquets and gifts to anybody around the globe is as effortless as it can be. With the help of online gift shops, it is a piece of cake to show somebody across the world how you care. Especially now that travel is restricted, and quarantine is enforced in most places because of Covid-19.

Showing our ideas through our actions is a lovely gift when we cannot visit a loved one to celebrate special occasions or just to let them know that you will always be there. These are the events where bouquets as gifts are the best choices.

Whether your recipient lives next door or 30,000 miles away from you, you can always arrange an online gift shop to send your thoughts and love to them. What’s best for this type of gift is that you can have your bouquet personalized by having the online gift shop customize a note for you. 

This gesture is not only thoughtful but extra sweet! 

Bouquets are Long-Lasting Natural Ornaments

Several options of bouquets are available for gifts. These can be various flowers combined with candies for the sweet tooth or other stuff that you can personalize for your recipient. The goodies can be consumed in a few days or a week, but the flowers can last for weeks.

Online gift shops or flower delivery services mostly cater to this option as well. 

Suppose that your significant other lives in the Philippines, then the best options for flowers, would be those in season. Considerable contributors to commercially grown flower assortments in the Philippines are Gladioli, Aster, Sampaguita, Chrysanthemum, Anthurium, and Heliconias. Some over nine hundred species of orchids grow in the Philippines. Some types of flower species, such as Mums, Liliums, Gerbera, Carnation, Shasta, Daisies, and Lilies, are also available.

So, other than roses, you have a wide variety of alternatives to mix and match in a bouquet. 

Bouquets Can Always be Customized

Flower arrangements exist for several reasons. They are the gifts we can have to customize anywhere and anytime easily. All you have to know is your recipient’s preferences for decorations or the celebration, and then you’re good to go.

You can play with assorted colors that would make the bouquet all the more unique and customized. Some flowers can also be spray-painted to make it personalized just for that special someone. You can ask your local online gift shop if they can do that for you.

It is also best to consider the customs and traditions of the recipient before sending these bouquets as a good motive can mean a different thing to another person. Regardless, you can always have a specialist do this for you. 

When to Give Bouquets

If not most, some men frequently think that women are somehow complex, and there are some ways to understand them. Bouquets and some gifts will always have the ability to make anyone swoon. Understanding flowers’ potential to get to anybody’s rapport is a good thing to know because they can convey words that most people can’t get through effortlessly.

Also, bouquets can take away any woman off her feet. Give an equitable type of bouquet on the right occasion, and for sure, you are a step ahead of all the thoughtful people out there who prefer just to say things.

Bouquets give importance to women in a subtle yet strangely good way. Most people believe that this kind of gift-giving is cliche, but it does half the work if not all, most of the time. Are you currently wondering when you can give her bouquets the next time? 

The Date

Seeing people and the courtship process is somehow a tricky and challenging feat to do. You will mostly want to set some boundaries that might make you seem over the top. You don’t want to get too fast or either too slow.

The art of expressing your liking to someone by giving them a few of these posies shows kindness and goodwill. You have to find the right balance by providing bouquets to someone when the time is right. Getting flowers on the first date is a bit too early because that comes off as trying a bit too hard. Although it might depend on the occasion, so be sure to tread lightly. 

The third date is the best time to give her flowers because this is usually when two people begin to like each other enough. Meeting for the third time for a date means things can get serious. This way, you can get your feelings addressed by letting the other person know through bouquets. 


This yearly thing we are accustomed to celebrating with flowers is essential. Nowadays, some people celebrate “monthly anniversaries” and call them “monthsaries.” These monthly milestones are usually celebrated with bouquets and gifts. 

You can opt to give your partner lilies, orchids, geraniums, or her favorite flower in a bouquet, basket, or vase. Make your special someone remember how thoughtful you are and, most importantly, how you value the relationship you have together.


Birthdays are supposed to be happy. Make it even more so with their favorite bouquet. You can forget all the other holidays but not birthdays and anniversaries! Some people drop subtle hints from time to time to nudge you on that particular day. Although these hints can be very tricky to spot, just keep your eyes peeled for them.  

Bouquets can solve a lot of last-minute issues. If you happen to forget to get her a present, a bouquet delivered to her place will always be your saving grace. The “real” gift can always follow later, but bouquets can still save the day in terms of gift-giving and special celebrations. 

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