Are All Men The Same: Ending The Debate

Women believe all men are the same.

Men hear this a lot from women.

My question to women is if all men are the same why they keep on trying to find that one man that they think isn’t going to be the same as the next man.

It just doesn’t make sense. Think about it.

If all men are same you might as well stay with the one man that’s cheating on you instead of going to find another one if the next one is going to do the same thing

So basically that shows you that everyone is not the same if you’re trying to find another man.

Just to prove that all men are not the same I’m just going to tell you categories of different type of men

  • The men that got it.
  • The men that’s trying to get it
  • The Men that’s not going to ever get it

The men that got it or the confident man.

He has either got a job, some money and is doing something with his life.

And then the man that’s trying to get it. He has low self-conscious,  got swag that’s why he’s trying to get his paper up.

He probably got a little part-time or full-time job.

The problem with women is that they set rules a man has to live up to. If they don’t live up to that then it’s all bad and then women move on to the next man.

I hear the same “Yes he is the same as the last guy” but not exactly the same.

How do common things that the other men do but the reason is you’re still hanging out with that same category of men?

Women need to go out with men who want to do something with their life.

A man who makes an executive decision, who’s actually got something going for themselves, who has his own house and got a career if that’s what you’re looking for.

Someone who got his own car.

A man who’s taking care of his parents instead of living off them.

For women reading this article, every man is not the same, you just have to find the right one.

Stop making bad decisions when choosing your partner.

And I do agree that some men cheat, it just basically goes off of what you think cheating is.

Every man is going do something that’s considered cheating even if all he is going to do is talk to their friends.

Women need to stop thinking every man is the same because one no man is made the same as the next man.

Every man has got something different about him you just got to be able to find what it is.

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