Apple to Start Manufacturing iPhone 6s in India

Apple has started testing the production of iPhone 6s in India. iPhone 6s is one of the highest selling smartphones by Apple in India.

The factory would lower the price of the big version of the iPhone 6s. Apple has some of the most expensive phones in the market and the move would match some of the prices from other popular smartphone makers such as Samsung.


Iphone 6s
Apple to Start Manufacturing iPhone 6s in India


The iPhone SE kept a similar design to the iPhone 5s but the smartphone was a success due to its price and the hardware. Apple has not confirmed if the SE series will return this year.

Producing the smartphone locally can potentially bring the price of the iPhone 6s Plus down by nearly 5-7%. It may seem like a minute variation, but it will allow Apple to compete at prices which are at par with the OnePlus and Samsung flagship models.

Putting sales aside, the local production of the iPhone SE did help keep it insulated from the custom duty hikes last year that increased from 10% to 15% in December and further to 20% in February.




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