Apple to make laptops With Own chips

Apple will start marking its own chips for mac’s from 2020 according to a report by bloomberg. The project is likely approved by the executives at Apple. The initiative is code named kalamata.

This will be huge blow to Intel as apple has been using their chips for a long time. Although not a large % of Intel’s profit comes from apple they saw a decrease in their share price.


Apple to make laptops With Own chips
Macbook Pro Event


It is not sure whether Apple will implement these chips in their products or not. The company declined to comment. Intel said, “We don’t comment on speculation about our customers.”

If Apple is successful is doing so it will provide a huge leap of performance to it’s products. Take the iPhone x  custom A11 Bionic chip for e.g. Its performance is at par with the macbook.

One of the major reason behind iPhone success was that Apple had full control over both software & hardware. We can only imagine what Apple will do once it has successfully made these chips to work. Seeing how good their mobile chips are we have no doubt here.


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