New Mac Pro Is Coming In 2019 And Its Made For The Pro Customers

A new redesigned Apple mac pro will be making its’s way in 2019. Apple is working closely with professional customers on its design & hardware.

The Apple Mac Pro was not well received by the customers due to it’s flaws.

In a recent interview with Tech Crunch, Apple confirmed the news, saying  We want to be transparent and communicate openly with our pro community, so we want them to know that the Mac Pro is a 2019 product. 

We know that there’s a lot of customers today that are making purchase decisions on the iMac Pro and whether or not they should wait for the Mac Pro,”

Apple wants to be as explicit as possible now, so that if institutional buyers or other large customers are waiting to spend budget on. They say iMac Pros or other machines, they should pull the trigger without worry that a Mac Pro might appear late in the purchasing year.

But there have been some other very interesting things going on at Apple since our last Mac Pro update, and they’re shaping the future of all of its pro products.

launched in India in 2018 with price tags starting from Rs 4,15,000 for the stock configuration that included a 27-inch 5K display, an 8-core Intel Xeon W CPU clocked at 3.2 GHz, 32 GB of ECC RAM, a 1 TB SSD, a Radeon Vega56 GPU and plenty of USB-C outputs rated for Thunderbolt 3, USB-A ports and a 10 Gigabit Ethernet port. Apple will be updating this product after 6 years of its initial launch.



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