Apple Cider Vinegar For Weight Loss: Good Or Bad

You know every so often the same similar fads pop up that promise you the exact same thing.

Apple Cider Vinegar is that one thing that promises to help you to lose weight.

The body you want the health you want without the work you want. Isn’t it amazing and miraculous? Don’t you wish you had that?

Some of them are flat-out harmful, maybe are just placebos, maybe have a positive effect but maybe not as large as you think.

Some of them are just natural things I don’t really do that much.

But what about apple cider vinegar in particular.

There seems to be this trend towards using these little homemade remedies that potentially can help you lose weight.

It can also make intermittent fasting a little easier. And apple cider vinegar doesn’t break your fast, necessarily

Apple cider vinegar in a jar with apples and a glass fileed with apple cidar vinegar

So what’s the scientific verdict On Apple Cider Vinegar For Weight Loss?

I’m going to tell you exactly what researchers have found regarding apple cider vinegar for weight loss.

In North Africa, apple cider vinegar is used as a home weight loss remedy. In the particular study, researchers were presented with a fifteen-year-old Moroccan girl who had symptoms of extensive tooth erosion.

So the plaque was coming off her teeth she had lots of erosion going on in her teeth. Now after analyzing many different factors they ultimately concluded the same thing.

It was because of her daily glass of apple cider vinegar drinking habit. In her culture is supposed to help with weight loss.

Another study was done in 2001 to analyze the effect of apple cider vinegar on mice in regard to their weight. In the study, three different dosages of apple cider vinegar were given to female mice and observed over four weeks.

So there was a low dose group a moderate dose group at a high dose group. Now the high dose group got as much as five to six times the amount of apple cider vinegar per kg of body weight as the low dose group did.

Here’s what the researchers found in the moderate group.

Researchers found a significant reduction in weight gain but not in the low dose or in the high dose the group.

Now before you go and just start hammering down apple cider vinegar there are a number of fairly serious health side effects associated with the higher intake of apple cider vinegar.


The higher doses or the higher more regular doses of apple cider vinegar also produced increases in spleen and liver weight, changes in stomach function, erosion of – Deitrick mucosa so in your GI tract, as well as lesions on certain organs.

So I don’t bust you that stuff doesn’t sound too good definitely does not sound good for your GI tract.

So what’s the verdict?

Should you really be taking apple cider vinegar for losing weight?

First of all, as long as you don’t mind smelling farts mixed with apples because that’s really good apple cider vinegar smells like as long as you don’t mind that there are two or three very good reasons why.

#1 Use The Silver Bullet Framework

When approaching our remedy like apple cider vinegar use the Silver Bullet framework.

So, number one does it sound like a silver bullet does it sound a quick fix for a problem that cannot be fixed quickly. If so it probably is a silver bullet which means it’s not going to produce substantial changes in your life.

In other words, the little kid came up to you and said hey mommy or hey daddy, do you think if I took this, I could look really thin like the girl on TV. What would you instinctively say, Probably No?

It’s obvious that digging this little drink is not going to magically dissolve fat and dissolve weight which is caused by a whole host of other issues working together.

Apple cider vinegar in a jar along with apples

The second thing is, when analyzing remedies like this and pills and fads that come out if it takes less than 5 minutes it’s probably not going to work.

Think about any solution you want to be improved in your life. Maybe it’s your job maybe it’s your relationship or marriage maybe it’s your finances.

Can you fix those things in 5 minutes?

It’s like saying “oh I want to go on vacation I want to get like a European vacation for 3 weeks”. Is there a pill that’s going to fix that that you can reliably get? Well unless you win the lottery you have to do what normal human beings do. Which means saving $10 a day for example.

It doesn’t take a lot of work but you have to do the work.

So when you encounter one of these remedies again ask yourself, if it just takes less than 5 minutes. It’s probably not going to work. Ask yourself that question and usually, it’s a very clear-cut, Okay, I realize this is probably a gimmick.

So here’s your one tiny daily habit for today.

Well, I guess it’s an anti habit because it’s not exactly something you should be doing. Don’t think that apple cider vinegar or any other little remedy is going to solve a big problem which is health and weight which are complex.

They take regular consistent work and rather than focusing on a small win. Why not find a really big win. Like removing all liquid calories removing all refined white flour from your diet.

Using a big win instead of a tiny one that’s not going to produce that much of a difference.

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