Apple Finally Brings Big IOS 11.3 Update To Iphone

Apple was highly criticized for degrading the performance of iPhones. They came in their defence saying that it was done to maintain linear performance of the devices.

Finally,  Apple apologized for not telling customers about this. They also said that they will be releasing a update for the devices which will help them monitor their batter health.

Well Apple has finally released the update.


Apple Finally Brings Big IOS 11.3 Update


iOS 11.3  has brought some drastic changes. If you have an iPhone 6 model or newer and decide to upgrade, you will be able to check “Battery Health” by going to Settings > Battery.

While some users’ battery may be in bad shape after just 18 months, others who have used their devices more sparingly could still enjoy close to full battery capacity after three years.

According to Apple, after 500 complete charging cycles, the battery’s capacity will have dropped to around 80% of its original capacity.

Ios 11.3 is an attempt by Apple to gain the loyalty of the users which they have lost.

Along with the battery update there are some additional updates to IOS as well

New AR Experiences

Ar mapping has been improved significantly. It can now map horizontal surfaces like door & walls.


Four all-new Animoji bring iPhone X users’ expressions to life as a lion, bear, dragon or skull.

Business Chat

This new messaging feature provides users with a new way to communicate directly with businesses, reach a live person to ask a question or make a purchase using Apple Pay, on the go or at home.  Only available in US & Canada.

This IOS update has fixed many bugs.


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